Dr Oz: Saline Enemas Treat Constipation & CC Cream Review


Dr Oz: Celery Strengthens Bones

Dr. Oz has shared some amazing medical breakthroughs today. Most of them could improve or even save your life, but there are other breakthroughs that you should avoid because of the risks involved. Dr. Oz has a few more helpful breakthroughs to share and the best part is that they can all be found at your local drugstore.

Dr Oz: Drugstore Medical Breakthrough – Dry Skin

Dr. Oz says that you do not need to visit a hospital or laboratory to find some of the biggest medical breakthroughs because some are right at your local drugstore. One of the biggest complaints he hears from people is that they have dry skin, especially in the winter months. The old cure for dry skin was cold creams, but the new cure for dry skin is CC Creams.

Dr Oz: CC Cream Review for Dry Skin

Dr Oz: Saline Enemas Treat Constipation & CC Cream Review

Dr Oz says that the breakthrough treatment for constipation is saline enemas. They are easy and effective to use and inexpensive to purchase.


  1. says

    I saw your show on “C C” Creams.
    which ones ( exact product names) did you have on your show. It is hard to read the names on the jars, and I did not get it. Love your show, you are the best. Have helped me in so many instances.

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