Dr Oz: Squashing Health Dangers + Squashers Income for Pleasure

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Dr Oz: Squashing Health Dangers + Squashers Income for Pleasure

By on November 22, 2013

Dr Oz: Secrets of Squashers

Dr Oz talked about a surprising topic related to weight and food. He said he never knew about Squashers, obese women who gain weight to sit on men for pleasure. This is not a kid-friendly topic!

Squashing is an online trend that connects large women with men who want to be squashed, and sometimes they even pay for the privilege. These women sometimes even stop men’s breathing as part of their activities. You may be surprised to learn that Squashers are in high demand, and the more weight they gain, the more money they can make.

Dr Oz: Squashers Income

Dr Oz: Squashing Health Dangers + Squashers Income for Pleasure

Dr Oz talked with women who are Squashers about how their extreme weight gain and career choices are putting their health at risk. Do they want help?

Dr Oz met two Squashers, and he wanted to know why they do what they do. One woman said that she considers it a job. The other woman said it is her full time job and she is happy with the living she makes through her activities.

These women weighed 300+ pounds, and they both admitted that they were worried about health risks associated with obesity. “I didn’t gain this weight to do what I’m doing,” Ashley said.

Dr Oz & Dr Drew Squashing

Dr Oz also talked to a man who likes being Squashed, because a woman is in control and it is a mix of pain and pleasure. Dr Drew Pinsky, host of HLN’s On Call with Dr Drew, joined the discussion. He is the one who brought this to Dr Oz’s attention.

Dr Pinksy said that oxygen deprivation can lead to a small amount of euphoria. For men, it’s about pleasure, whereas the women are getting financial gain out of it. Dr Drew said that it may not be the best for women to exploit themselves as a career.

Dr Drew said that this can also sometimes be a defense mechanism to avoid intimacy. Mae said that she had an abusive past as a child, and this is a means of her taking control of her negative experiences.

She said that weight is a form of protection, and she even had weight loss surgery at 600 pounds. She is afraid of what will happen if she gets smaller, because she is not over the trauma of her past.

Dr Oz: Squashing Health Dangers

Doctor Oz talked about some of the long term health consequences of Squashing. When a 300-pound woman squashes a man, blood flow is cut off and organs are compressed. Dr Oz said he invited a third woman on the show to talk about this topic, but she passed away before the episode was taped.

Dr Oz showed the women two hearts: one was an average size and the other was from an overweight patient. It was enlarged and had a lot more fat on its surface. The women were emotional about what they saw, and Mae said she did not know what to do from here.

Both doctors said they thought the women were being exploited. Mae said she did not feel like she could be a part of normal society. Dr Drew disagreed with her, saying that she can change how she feels on the inside.

Dr Oz offered her a referral to a doctor in her area to help her get help if she wants it. He said that we get meaning out of life from the people who are around us. “You’ve got to believe in yourself,” Dr Oz said. “You’ve got to believe that you’re worth it.”

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