Dr Oz: Squashing Health Dangers + Squashers Income for Pleasure


Dr Oz: Secrets of Squashers

Dr Oz talked about a surprising topic related to weight and food. He said he never knew about Squashers, obese women who gain weight to sit on men for pleasure. This is not a kid-friendly topic!

Squashing is an online trend that connects large women with men who want to be squashed, and sometimes they even pay for the privilege. These women sometimes even stop men’s breathing as part of their activities. You may be surprised to learn that Squashers are in high demand, and the more weight they gain, the more money they can make.

Dr Oz: Squashers Income

Dr Oz: Squashing Health Dangers + Squashers Income for Pleasure

Dr Oz talked with women who are Squashers about how their extreme weight gain and career choices are putting their health at risk. Do they want help?

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