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Dr Oz: Does Sleeping Without a Bra Make Your Breasts Sag?

From thinning lips to moisturizing wrinkles away, Dr Oz is tackling beauty myths and truths. Do Lips Thin As You Age?  Can moisturizers prevent wrinkles?  Are you ready for this next myth? Is it true that sleeping without a bra can cause your breasts to sag?

Audience member Christine believes this is true, because her 93-year-old aunt passed on this advice. Christine reported that she always sleeps in a bra, which she thinks is making her breasts perkier, even as she ages. (That has got to be uncomfortable, right ladies?)

What Causes Breast Sagging?

Christine doesn’t spend too much time focusing on her breasts (though I’d try taking off the bra before turning to Melatonin as a sleep aid). Dr Oz debunked this as a myth and demonstrated how breasts start to sag with age, as ligaments become more elastic. (Once again, the best Dr Oz advice is “never get old”). There’s nothing a bra can do about preventing this.

Why Does Breast Tissue Get Lumpy As You Age?

Dr Oz: Breast Sagging Causes & Chinese Swimming Mask Review

Dr Oz’s investigation of beauty myths included an explanation of Breast Sagging Causes and a look at the Chinese Swimming Mask beauty trend.


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