Dr Oz: The Sugar Detox 4 Week Plan Stops Aging Skin by Brooke Alpert


Dr Oz: The Sugar Detox by Brooke Alpert

While many of us are not happy with what we see when we look at our skin in the mirror, it is possible to slow down the aging process by reducing the amount of sugar in our diet. Dr. Oz offered a quiz to see if sugar could be the cause of your premature aging and then spoke about The Sugar Detox plan with Brooke Alpert.

  1. Do you eat carbs or sweets when you are in a bad mood?
  2. Do you need soda, an energy drink or sugar in your coffee to get you through your day?
  3. Do you look for something sweet in the afternoon?

If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, there is a good chance that sugar is causing your skin to age prematurely.

Dr Oz: Sugar Detox Plan

Brooke Alpert, a registered nutritionist and author of The Sugar Detox, says the first step to reverse the signs of aging due to sugar is to remove all sugars from your diet for a full 72 hours, or three days. She says it is a little challenging, but you do get to add those sugars back in and at the end of the three days most people are surprised at how much sweeter foods taste to them. The following is a list of foods you should avoid (and foods that you should eat!) while on The Sugar Detox!

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