Dr Oz: Thigh Gap and Eating Disorders + Almost Anorexic Review


Dr Oz: Is a Thigh Gap Healthy?

Dr Oz: Thigh Gap and Eating Disorders + Almost Anorexic Review

Dr Oz talked to Dr Jennifer Thomas about the dangerous obsession of achieving and how it can lead to an out-of-control eating disorder.

Dr. Oz says the biggest concern he has with the obsession many women have with obtaining a thigh gap is that depending on a woman’s bone structure, she could end up burning off essential muscle in order to achieve an ideal appearance. He explains muscle is the body’s fat-burning furnace, which is why it is important to maintain as much lean muscle as possible. Dr. Oz talked to two women who have become obsessed with losing weight in order to create a thigh gap, but both say they are not happy because even though they can see a gap, it is not big enough for either of them.

Dr Oz: Thigh Gap and Eating Disorders

Dr. Jennifer Thomas is an eating disorder expert and while she believes that Camille has healthy intentions, the images and messages she sends in her website and in her book are not at all healthy. Dr. Thomas, author of Almost Anorexic, goes on to say the percentage of body fat that Camille recommends is equivalent to the clinical definition of anorexia, which she finds very concerning. She says that trying to achieve something that is nearly impossible, like a thigh gap, can become a dangerous obsession and easily turn into an eating disorder.

Dr Oz: Thigh Gap Warning from Dr Oz

Dr. Oz says the obsession with a thigh gap has become so common he is even hearing about in his own home, so he offered his own thoughts and recommendations. He believes the thigh gap just gives you one more part of the body to obsess about and he warns it is anatomically impossible for most women to achieve a thigh gap at a healthy weight, so he wants us all to diet smarter and not put our health at risk.


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