Dr Oz: Tips To Save Money On Medications & Walgreen’s Balance Rewards


Dr Oz: Health Gadgets At the Drugstore

Dr. Oz revealed ways to save you money at your local drugstore, including how to get the lowest prices on your medications! Find out which health gadgets will actually cure a headache, help you sleep better and maybe even get the boys in your house to put down the toilet seat when they use the bathroom!

Dr Oz: Tip Alert Toilet Seat Alarm Review

Mario Armstrong, a technology and gadget expert, says you do not need to look far when searching for the latest and greatest health gadgets because many can be found right at your local drugstore! He says there are not only a lot of choices, but the prices are great, too.

  1. Eye & Temple Massager – This device will relieve your stress and tension headaches without having to take medication. Cost is around $99, which Mario says will pay for itself in no time.
  2. Fenugreen’s Fresh Paper – This little sheet of paper will keep your fruits and veggies fresher longer. The paper actually contains herbs and spices that slow down fungal growth while extending the life of your food.
  3. SleepPhones – A fleece lightweight headband with built-in headphones that can be connected to your favoite MP3 device and help you get to sleep faster at night. Cost is about $40.
  4. Tip Alert Toilet Seat Alarm – This tiny alarm attaches to the underneath of your toilet and acts as a reminder for the boys in your family to put the seat down after they use the bathroom. It includes light and sound to make sure they are paying attention and even lets out a loud cheering sound when the seat is put back down. Cost is about $10.


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