Dr Oz: Toppik Review for Thinning Hair & Keranique Hair Regrowth

By on January 3, 2013

Dr Oz: Miracles for Thinning Hair

Dr. Oz’s 13 Miracles for 2013 have included a miracle oil that will blast your belly fat and lower your cholesterol as well as a few miracles that will help you get to sleep at night, so you can get better rest in 2013. He is not done yet, though, because the next miracle is for something many women often complain about. Keep reading for the miracle cures to help with one of your most embarrassing complaints.

Dr Oz: Toppik Review for Thinning Hair

Dr Oz: Toppik Review for Thinning Hair & Keranique Hair Regrowth

Molly Nover-Baker says that Toppik is a miracle product for thinning hair because it has Keratin, which is found naturally in our own hair & helps it to bond to our hair and improve the appearance of bald areas.

Dr. Oz says that one of the biggest complaints he hears is about thinning hair. Molly Nover-Baker shared the Miracle for Thinning Hair is a product called Toppik. She explained that what makes this product special is the fact that it is actually keratin fibers and our hair is made up of keratin proteins, so this product will bond to thinning areas and bald spots and thicken your hair. Molly says to spray the Toppik liberally where you have thinning or baldness and you will see results almost immediately.

She and Dr. Oz demonstrated the product on a brave volunteer from the audience and the results were incredible and noticeable right away.

  • Available in 9 Different Shades
  • Adds fullness and covers spots
  • $21, Beauty Stores & Online
  • $18, Reusable Spray Applicator
  • Does not come out until you wash it out

Dr Oz: Keranique Hair Regrowth Treatment

Molly Nover-Baker explained that while the Toppik is a nice way to topically treat thinning or baldness, Keranique is a more medicinal way to treat this embarrassing condition. She also shared that Keranique includes the only FDA-approved ingredient for hair regrowth, which is Minoxidil. Molly does add that it is very important to be diligent with the application of this product so that you can get the results you are hoping for.

  • Apply Serum 2X per day
  • Helps stimulate hair follicle growth
  • $25, Beauty Stores and online

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Comments to Dr Oz: Toppik Review for Thinning Hair & Keranique Hair Regrowth

  1. Does these products work for African Americans as well? I have tried many different things rom pills, oils, starting over going natural TV promos and I am at a dead end. Before I purchase again I want to know if the research included African American women as well. Thank you

  2. DanielleFreinds79 says:

    The product really works amazing as suggested. I initially saw Keranique on Doctor Oz Show in January 2013. It was presented by Dr Oz and a representative from Women’s Magazine. They called it “Miracle Product of 2013” and I would have to agree.

    Customer Service: Their customer service reps are very friendly and helpful. Keraniqe’s toll free number is 24 hours which I love! I had called to rush my 2nd order and then realized I gave them the wrong address, so I called again and they were able to help me within minutes.

    As for the product: The product works as it is supposed to. I use the regrowth bottle to regrow my hair, and the volumizing shampoo and conditioner works great. The whole Keranique System is A.M.A.Z.I.N.G. I will also add that it’s a great piece of mind to know that the regrow ingredient in Keranique is FDA approved.

  3. In the presence of products like hair building fibers that instantly reduce the thinning of hair, have brought the impacts of baldness to the lowest levels. That’s why now there is no need to fear from baldness anymore.

  4. Notice below that Dr oz has not endorsed or affiliated with these products. Scam!!!

  5. Tina Seestedt says:

    Would the Keranique Hair Regrowth work on transgender woman ?

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