Dr Oz: Vaser Shape Review – Non-Invasive Instant Fat Loss Results


Dr Oz: Liposuction Tummy Tuck Alternatives

Have you ever wished there was a procedure that could melt away your belly fat while taking little time and was virtually painless? For the first time on his show, Dr. Oz is sharing that procedure and he even had the very machine that shrinks your belly fat right there on his stage. You may have always believed the only way to achieve this was by expensive and painful liposuction or tummy tuck procedures, but Doctor Oz says many people swear by this and absolutely no needles or scalpels are required. Check out Dr Oz’s Vaser Shape review.

Doctor Oz: Vaser Shape Vs Liposuction

Dr. Sharon Giese, Plastic Surgeon, says there is a new game-changing fat blasting procedure known as Vaser Shape. She says it is a non-invasive body contouring device that will get rid of unwanted body fat without a single incision. The machine uses ultrasound to find and reach fat deposits that are often hard to find with traditional liposuction treatments, according to Dr. Giese.


  1. Anne says

    A few years ago a friend and I traveled to Mexico to have a not yet approved treatment in the U.S. called Ultrashape. It was also done the same way (non-invasive ultrasound treatment), but made absolutely no difference. I wonder how this Vaser Shape is supposed to be different and better??? Sure wish the doctors that do this procedure and is aware of the other would respond…

  2. says


    Thank you for writing this article on VASER Shape, it’s great!

    Just to answer a few of the questions, yes it really does work if you are a candidate. The typical patient is slender or has a little extra weight that they just cannot seem to lose, not obese. The machine melts the fat and your body urinates it out of your system. If anyone has any questions feel free to call our office or go to our website.

    Dr. Giese

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