Dr Oz: Vitamin C Topical Antioxidant Skin Benefits – Drop a Decade

By on November 1, 2012

Dr Oz: Drop a Decade with Secrets to Cheat your Age

Have you ever wished you could fake a facelift or get rid of your wrinkles or age spots and look 10 years younger? On today’s show, Dr. Oz is talking about How to Drop a Decade with Secrets to Cheat your Age, such as Miracle Phytoceramides and even Cellulite Massage! He says there is one little pill that holds the secret to more youthful skin and today he is ready, with his guests, to tell you how take a decade off your face without going under the knife or spending a ton of money.

Plastic Surgeons Dr. Leif Rogers and Dr. Shirley Madhere have the secret to fighting gravity and looking younger, but what is most exciting is that they say you can find the secret right at your local drugstore: Vitamin C.

Dr Oz: Vitamin C Skin Benefits

Dr. Leif Rogers and Dr. Shirley Madhere both say that the powerful ingredient that is the key to younger looking skin is Vitamin C. Dr. Rogers explains that when we are younger our skin has Vitamin C naturally, but as we age we lose the Vitamin C, which leads to wrinkles and sagging. He says things like sun damage and toxins like those from smoking speed up that process, but with Vitamin C we can actually bring back the firmness to our skin just by applying it topically.

Dr. Madhere goes on to explain that while some patients can see results from using Vitamin C in as little as 2-4 weeks, she says it can take up to 6-8 weeks for others. Regardless of your initial results, she says you will see maximum benefits after 6 months, so the key is to stay consistent and be patient.

Dr Oz: Vitamin C Rebuilds Collagen

Doctor Oz explains that when we are young we have a great deal of bounciness to our skin due to Vitamin C. Our skin is tight and taut without any wrinkles or sagging, but as we age we start to lose collagen, which is what leads to that lack of bounce or tightness and is the reason we need Vitamin C. He goes on to say that the Vitamin C literally rejuvenates your skin and brings back that collagen that has broken down, leading to tight, young looking skin.

Dr Oz: Vitamin C Sunblock Replacement?

Dr. Shirley Madhere, Plastic Surgeon, says that age spots are essentially damage from the sun. She explains that Vitamin C is a powerful antioxidant with the ability to lighten and brighten your skin. It has also been shown to reduce the number of sunburned cells as well as reverse the effect of age-related damage to the skin. She is clear, though, that Vitamin C is not a form of sun protection, but it does help to repair skin that has been damaged from harmful exposure to UV rays.

Dr Oz: Vitamin C Topical Vs Oral Application

Dr Oz: Vitamin C Topical Antioxidant Skin Benefits - Drop a Decade

Dr. Leif Rogers says that you get 20 times the levels of Vitamin C when it is applied directly to your skin as opposed to being taken in pill form.

Dr. Leif Rogers says that while it is good for you to take Vitamin C supplements orally, you simply don’t see the best results for your skin unless you apply it topically. When applied directly to the skin, you get 20 times the levels of Vitamin C that you would get if you took it orally.

Dr Oz: Vitamin C Antioxidant

Dr. Oz wants everyone to know what to look for when purchasing Vitamin C. Let’s face it, with so many skincare products on the market, walking down that aisle of the drugstore could feel overwhelming. Dr. Leif Rogers, Plastic Surgeon, says there are some key factors and ingredients when choosing your product.

  • Look for ascorbic acid because that is the most active ingredient
  • Look for a product that contains 3-10% Vitamin C
  • Dr. Rogers explains that because Vitamin C is an antioxidant it will, in fact, oxidize when exposed to light or air, so be sure to buy a product that is in a sealed container that is also airtight and opaque.

Dr Oz: Vitamin C + Vitamin E Benefits

Dr. Madhere says there is no problem with mixing Vitamin C and other products. In fact, she says, there can be added benefits when it is combined with certain ingredients in particular.

  • Alpha Hydroxy Acids chemically exfoliate and actually aid in the penetration of the Vitamin C compounds, according to Dr. Shirely Madhere.
  • Dr. Madhere explains that Vitamin C also works synergistically and very well with compounds derived from Vitamin A, such as Retinol.
  • Dr. Madhere’s secret anti-aging tip is to mix Vitamin C and Vitamin E together for maximum skin benefits.

Dr Oz: When To Apply Vitamin C

It is best to use Vitamin C once a day in the morning right after exfoliating, so it can deep into your skin, but before you apply any other moisturizer or makeup.

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Comments to Dr Oz: Vitamin C Topical Antioxidant Skin Benefits – Drop a Decade

  1. Where can I find phytoceramide supplements spoken of for 10.00

  2. where can i buy vitamin c antioxidant,and also do you have a na me brand of one that is any better than another?

  3. I’d like to know where to buy vitamin c and phytocermamide. I’ve tried every drug store in a 10 mile radius and they look at me like I don’t know what I am talking about. Please help. I want to purchase both.

  4. I to have search for phytoceramides and creams with vitamin c and e. No luck. I have found some creams, but it doesn’t say how much c is in there. I am very frustrated. The phytoceramide search was almost funny. No one had ever heard of it. This in health food stores. If the information is going to be put on tv, then tell us the brand, who sells it, and where to find it!

  5. The most frustrating thing about Watching Dr.Oz is that he gives you all these suggestions but not where you can find them. I have searched for the Phytoceramides and found that it is labeled Ceramides. I can only find wheat derived though.

  6. Have had the same experience – Gone to Mothers, Vitamin Shoppe, and several name brand drugs stores – no vitamin C cream that states percentage – and some no vitamin C cream at all – should it be serum – Respect the need to not recommend a specific brand, however, could a few brands be mentioned and/or where one can purchase the items you are recommending…This is very frustrating Thank you for any consideration you could offer

  7. eleanor crumpton says:

    I need to know what is a specific brand of the vit. c serum that has 3-10% asorbic acid and is in an airtight opaque container. Of the products i’ve found they don’t specify the percentage of asorbic acid and i’m not sure exactly what are the specifics of airtight and opaque? Thanks so much, would love to try this just not sure what or where to purchase!

  8. I know you can get vit c topical serum through MURAD or if you dont want to spend that much money you can get vit c serum at amazon.com. the vit e serum you can purchase it in the bottle that comes in capsules at walgreens or wlamart and then puncture the capsule and mix with vit c to apply to your face in the a.m. after you exfoliate but before moisturizer or make up. I personally like the vit e capsules because they stay fresh and I use one capsule each time.The phytoceramides can be purchased online for about $19 for a month supply.
    Hope this helps!! 😉

  9. One more thing…don’t get the Vitamin C cream…get the Vitamin C serum and mix it with the Vitamin E serum. The cream isn’t as effective.

  10. Phytoceramides 350mg take 1 capsule per day (make sure they are PLANT DERIVED CERAMIDES) WHEAT BASED

    Vitamin C Serum (Make sure it contains absorbic acid and 3-10% Vitamin C)

    Vitamin E Capsules (500 mg)
    Mix the Vit C & Vit E together and apply in the A.M. before moisturizer and make up.

    Any cream that contains 4% retinol/ Alpha Hydroxy and Vitamin A (I use this as my moisturizer) You can get this at walgreens or a department store

    I also take Vitamin C tablets orally in the A.M. along with my Phytoceramides

    The cream that has the 4% retinol / Vit A & Alpha Hydroxy can also be applied 4 times a day on buttocks, legs, for cellulite. I use the OREGANO OIL to massage my legs, buttocks with the massager pads (white with big bumps on it)

    I Eat 2-5 Tablespoons of NATURAL tomatoe Paste per day.

    I eat 3-5 Cups raw lettuce per day for water hydration

    Dr. Oz recommends 1/2 Cup pinnapple per day 90 minutes after dinner. Instead of eating the pinnapple at night, I take 500 mg per day of the Bromelain Supplement to fight cellulite. The Bromelain Supplement is $8 at any health food store or online.

    For maximum benefits, I use the electronic exfoiliator on my face 3x a week.
    I wash my face – leave my skin wet apply gentle pressure in a circular motion 20 sconds on the forehead, nose and cheeks. 10 seconds on my chin.

    I hope my regimine will help you out. Those shows can be confusing and overwhelming sometimes :p

  11. where can I purchase Phytoceramide plant based – no gluten and Vit C topical and Vit C oral
    in Canada?

  12. where can i buy phytoceramides?

  13. where can purchase phytoceramides ?

  14. where can i purchase phytoceramides?

  15. Why isn’t anyone answering people’s questions? POOR JOB ….

  16. Why doesn’t Dr. Oz answer any of these questions????

  17. Looks like a lot of people have the same issue as I do…I value Dr. Oz’s recommendations and have seen products recommended on the show that are said to be found in the drugstore for 10-20$’s that I really want to try but cannot find at any drugstore I have looked, only see them on online advertisements that claim they are Dr. Oz recommended but look like they are just using his name to market their product. Where can I find these products or are there any name brands of these products he does actually recommend? Phytoceramides and 3-10% Vitamin C cream with Ascorbic Acid (the products I find either don’t say the % or don’t have the ascorbic acid), and Phytoceramides, and peptide cream. Has anyone here ever gotten an answer on where to find any of these products?

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