Dr Oz: Vitamin Creams Heal Stretch Marks & Lymphatic Body Brush Review


Dr Oz: How To Treat Stretch Marks At Home

Dr. Oz shared some of the most effective treatments for your most common leg complaints. Many women wrote to him begging for help with their ugly legs so he brought in a team of experts to share the best treatments for spider veins and cellulite.

Dr Oz: Stretch Mark Creams

Many women wrote to Dr. Oz about embarrassing stretch marks on their legs asking for advice on how to get rid of them. Dr. Ariel Ostad explained that he tells patients they need to wear their vitamins on their skin. By that he means literally applying vitamin creams topically to your skin, which can definitely improve the appearance of your stretch marks. Dr. Ostad said the best time to treat stretch marks is as soon as possible when they first begin to appear.

  • Vitamin A
  • Vitamin B3
  • Vitamin C

Dr Oz: Resistance Exercises For Fat Knees

Dr. Oz shared another common complaint he hears from women is that they have fat knees, so he asked Dr. Leonard Grossman to share advice as to how they can fix their fat knees right home. Dr. Grossman said it is as simple as buying an exercise band at a sporting goods store, which you can use for resistance to tone the trouble areas of your legs.

Dr Oz: Lymphatic Drainage Brush Reduces Cellulite

Dr Oz: Vitamin Creams Heal Stretch Marks & Lymphatic Body Brush Review

Dr. Ariel Ostad said that you can use vitamin creams to reduce the appearance of stretch marks on your legs.


  1. Stretch Mark Cream says

    I love Dr. Oz’s opinions on cellulite and stretch mark cures. Your site tells the truth without trying to capitalize on his name. Truly a good thing 🙂

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