Dr Oz: Vitamin K Brightens Eyes & Baking Soda Dull Hair Remedy


Dr Oz: Prunes Reduce Dark Eye Circles

Dr. Oz began his show today with Dr. William Davis, author of the book Wheat Belly, who believes that wheat is the biggest cause of health problems for Americans. He firmly believes that we can all benefit from eliminating wheat from our diets and he shared action steps to help you get healthier and even lose weight. His wheat-free recipes are simple and sound delicious and he says you can lose up to 15 pounds in just 30 days by simply removing wheat from your diet. Dr. Oz then welcomed Dr. Audrey Halpern to the show, so they could discuss the various types of headaches and how to treat each one. It might surprise you to know there are actually specific ways to treat different types of headaches. Dr. Oz and Dr. Halpern outlined the symptoms of each type of headache along with ways to treat each of them if they occur. By having a few essential remedies on hand you will be able to alleviate any headache that comes your way with this valuable information.

Dr Oz: Lactic Acid Brightens Skin

Vitamin K Brightens Eyes

Molly Nover-Baker says that Vitamin K is the best way to bring brightness back to your eyes because it will help improve circulation and reduce those ugly dark circles.

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