Dr Oz Waist Trainer Alternatives & Are Kim Kardashian’s Dangerous


Dr Oz: Are Waist Trainers Safe?

Dr. Oz did a whole show on “Could You Survive” topics, including could you eat healthy meals for $4 Per Day, could you survive 24 hours without sleep, can you survive Tom Brady & Gisele’s Diet and could you survive wearing Kim Kardashian’s waist trainer for a day?  Kim Kardashian undoubtedly started a trend when she shared pictures of herself on social media wearing a waist trainer. Her photo received over one million likes and a lot of negative comments, but it didn’t take long before other celebrities hopped on the bandwagon and began waist-training themselves. There are some who say waist trainers are a great way to achieve an hour glass figure and others who say they’re dangerous. Dr Oz asked Tia Brown to get to the bottom of things, starting by wearing a waist trainer for 24 hours.  Lets see how she did, plus Dr. Oz’s favorite Waist Trainer Alternatives on the next page…

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