Dr Oz: Why Do Some People Look Younger Than They Really Are?


Dr Oz: How To Look 10 Years Younger

Dr. Oz said that the following seven steps will help you to look ten years younger:

  1. Use sunblock
  2. Avoid sunbathing
  3. Prevent dry skin
  4. Have a positive attitude
  5. Exercise regularly
  6. Get eight hours of sleep
  7. Take a multivitamin

Lets take a closer look at Dr. Oz’s list, and investigate the science behind why some people seem to never age.

Why Do Some People Look Younger Than They Are?

Why do some people manage to look years younger than they actually are? Is it luck, genes, or lifestyle? According to Dr. Oz, various studies have shown that lifestyle choices may matter more than genes when it comes to aging.

Last year, Olay conducted their largest research project ever: a multi-decade, ethnicity study that led to a breakthrough discovery. Olay scientists found that about 10% of the women they studied looked more than 10 years younger than their actual age.  So lets take a closer look at what you can do to look ten years younger, on the next page…


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