Dr Oz: Green Coffee Bean Extract vs Liposuction Plastic Surgery

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Dr Oz: Green Coffee Bean Extract vs Liposuction Plastic Surgery

By on May 22, 2012

Dr Oz: Plastic Surgery Secrets

Plastic surgery is a billion dollar industry (good thing that Dr Oz has mentioned alternatives like Green Coffee Bean Extract on previous shows as well!). You figure you need a little nip and tuck, so why not plastic surgery? On today’s show, Dr Oz was joined by Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Anthony Youn, to reveal the secrets behind this transformation phenomenon. Find out the truth about liposuction and which procedure can cause irreversible blindness. Did you know that breast implants can cause your breasts to sag even more? Those expensive fillers you love can cause rashes. Dr. Anthony Youn also revealed the best alternatives to popular procedures like Green Coffee Bean Extract Supplements and Retinol Creams.

Dr Oz: Green Coffee Bean Extract

Dr Oz spoke about using Green Coffee Bean Extract for Weight Loss over doing liposuction.

Green Coffee Bean Extract for Weight Loss

Dr. Youn said one secret plastic surgeons don’t want you to know is that fat sucked out will come back somewhere else. On the average, 3 liters of fat is removed from the thighs. When it’s removed from the thighs, the fat comes back in the arms. Dr. Youn referred to this as “The Popeye Effect”.

Instead of liposuction, consider green coffee bean extract. It slows the release of glucose into the system after a meal. Take after eating.

Dr Oz: Brow Lift Alternatives

Let’s face it, a brow lift ain’t cheap! Dr. Youn says you can get the same results from a brow lift with a brow wax or tweezing. Plus, it’s way cheaper. A brow lift can cost up to $5,000 and takes 2 hours. Plus, there’s the recovery time.

Consider using brow tweezing or brow wax. It costs much less and there is no recovery time. (No recovery time? Apparently he has never pulled a hair from the root?! Ouch!)

Dr Oz: Retinol Cream vs Botox vs Fillers

Dr. Youn says if fillers are injected improperly, they can cause blindness. There have been reports that people have been injected in the “danger area” (between the brows) and have been rendered permanently blind. If you go this route, be sure the plastic surgeon is well trained and board certified.

Consider using Botox instead of fillers. The cost is $500. If you’re looking for something even cheaper, try retinol cream to reduce wrinkles and tighten up skin. You can buy it OTC for less than $30.

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