L-Carnosine Supplements: Dr Oz’s Miracle Anti-Aging Supplement Pill

By on May 25, 2012

Dr Oz: L-Carnosine Supplements Stop Aging

Are you looking to stop the aging process? (Who isn’t, right?) On today’s show, Doctor Oz revealed the miracle pill to help stop aging—L-Carnosine. You’ve heard Doctor Oz refer to the L-Carnosine miracle pill before when it comes to your health, but this tiny pill can also help you turn back the hands of time. Studies indicate that L-Carnosine will help you get your vitality back and may even improve your eyesight.  Dr Oz’s other supplement recommendations from today’s show are critical to read as well including a Miracle Appetite SuppressantBelly Fat Supplements and Cancer Fighting Supplements.

Dr Oz L-Carnosine Supplements

L-Carnosine pills are Dr Oz's Miracle Anti-Aging Supplement!

L-Carnosine Benefits

L-Carnosine is a naturally occurring molecule found in the brain and cells. As we age, L-Carnosine levels drop by more than 60%, causing a loss in vitality. It is a potent antioxidant to reduce fine lines and even improve brain function.

An audience member joined Dr Oz on stage. She said that after turning 30, she noticed a change in her energy. She’s a working mom with 3 kids and couldn’t keep up with them. To make matters worse, she has recently noticed more wrinkles. (That’s the stress from trying to keep up with those 3 kids!)

As your body ages, you get a build-up of protein. This build-up causes wrinkles and weighs you down. L-Carnosine busts up that build-up to help prevent aging.

L-Carnosine Reviews

We normally age because of factors like the sun, environment and stress. These factors begin to burn away your “fuse.” Over time, we actually begin to wither a bit. When you take L-Carnosine, you don’t burn out as quickly and the cells don’t age the same way. This will help you look more youthful.

L-Carnosine Dosage

Dr Oz says those with vision issues are good candidates. Studies indicate that L-Carnosine also helps with dementia. This is a good supplement for those looking to get rid of wrinkles. (Translation: every woman over the age of 25!) L-Carnosine gives you a natural resilience to your skin. For best results, take with food 2 x per day. Dr Oz says, the prime age to take L-Carnosine is approximately 30 because you get huge benefits when you start something early.

L-Carnosine 500 mg

So Dr Oz said to take L-Carnosine two times a day, but how much?  Based on some research I have done (and you obviously must check with our own doctor first!) it seems like some people suggest taking 500 mg L-Carnosine as the proper dosage.

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  1. jeeva chapman says:

    why is this being promoted as the anti aging supplement ? The latest research has produced a pill that addresses the issue.

  2. james higdon says:

    Should L-carnosine be taken with FOOD or just WATER?? my bottle says WATER??

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