Dr Oz: Miraclesuit Swimsuit for a Big Belly, Big Butt & Big Bust


Dr Oz: Miracle Suit Review to Look 10 lbs Thinner

Not quite ready for the beach yet? You still have time. First of all, Dr Oz did a whole show on how to get slim for the summer with these Slimming Drink Recipes, Matcha Tea & Gochujang Hot Sauce to boost your metabolism, Diet Secrets from the Ocean and the Swimsuit Slimdown program that Doctor Oz put together. In the meantime though, try faking it ‘til you make it. On today’s show, Doctor Oz was joined by Celebrity Stylist and Life and Style Magazine Editor, Rachel Zalis, to show you how to rock a swimsuit and look 10 lbs slimmer instantly. Rachel revealed the miracle suit made for every body type. Do you have a big butt, big boobs or a big belly? This miraclesuit swimsuit will hide all your problem areas.

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