Dr Oz: Paula Abdul Beauty Secrets & Shocking Health Confession

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Dr Oz: Paula Abdul Beauty Secrets & Shocking Health Confession

By on May 21, 2012

Dr Oz: Paula Abdul’s Shocking Health Confession

Paula Abdul is finally joining Dr Oz for her first ever interview with the good doc! You’ve seen her on American Idol as the “nice” judge. For those that have followed Paula’s career for the last few decades, you’ve listened to her music. (Did you know that her album, Forever Your Girl, was #1 on the charts for several weeks?) Before judging American Idol top talents, Paula was a Los Angeles Laker’s cheerleader and a successful choreographer for video talents like Janet Jackson and for movies like Coming to America.  What are Paula Abdul’s Beauty Secrets?  And what is her shocking health confession? These will all be revealed on the May 22, 2012 Dr Oz Show, so don’t forget to come back to wellbuzz.com for a complete recap!

Dr Oz May 22 2012

Dr Oz May 22 2012

On Doctor Oz’s May 22, 2012 show, she’ll show you a different side of her. Paula sits down with Dr Oz to discuss her silent struggle with pain. For years, Paula suffered in silence with pain and even turned to pain medications to help her cope. Check out her shocking health revelation that changed her life.
Then, Paula will reveal her all-time favorite anti-aging secrets. (Have you seen how good she looks?) You definitely don’t want to miss this!

Dr Oz: Plastic Surgery Secrets

Have you tried every anti-aging product to look your best? Maybe you’ve tried to get rid of that tummy bulge to no avail. On Doctor Oz’s May 22, 2012 show, he’ll reveal the plastic surgery secrets that you don’t (but definitely should) know about. The plastic surgery industry contains secrets that they don’t want you to know, but on this show, Dr Oz gives you the real skinny on plastic surgery results. You may be surprised.

Dr Oz: Dining Out Health Risks

Who doesn’t love to eat out? After viewing Doctor Oz’s May 22, 2012 show, you may feel differently. Dr Oz will reveal the possible health risks associated with dining at your favorite restaurant. No worries, though. Doctor Oz will not only expose these risks, he will also reveal how to keep your family safe when dining at your local restaurants.

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