Dr Oz: Primrose Oil Supplement, Black Currant Oil & Biotin B Vitamin

By on May 25, 2012

Dr Oz: Hair & Skin Supplements Under $10

With summertime approaching, you may be looking for the best ways to get healthy hair and glowing skin. If so, you’re in luck! On today’s show, Doctor Oz revealed his best hair and skin supplements including Primrose Oil Supplements, Black Currant Oil (both of which he spoke about previously on this show as well: Beauty Booster Supplements) and Biotin (or B-Vitamins). The best part? They’re all under $10. (You can put that extra money toward your new killer bikini to match your beautiful hair and skin!)  Plus, while we are on the topic of amazing supplements, checkout the other supplements Dr Oz suggested on today’s show including a Miracle Appetite SuppressantBelly Fat Supplements, L-Carnosine Anti-Aging Pill and Cancer Fighting Supplements.

Dr Oz: Black Currant Oil, Primrose Oil Supplements & Biotin

Dr Oz spoke about skin and hair supplements that cost under $10 including Black Currant Oil, Primrose Oil Supplements & Biotin.

Doctor Oz set up a beauty booth, where audience members stopped in and told Dr Oz their biggest beauty complaint. Dr Oz scrolled through and if he stopped at your picture, you had to come to the stage.

Dr Oz: Primrose Oil Supplement for Crow’s Feet

First up was Davisha. Davisha said since she hit 30, she sees more crow’s feet. She never thought that would happen because she blocked out the thought of getting old. (Ahhh, if only that worked!) She told Dr Oz that she used beauty products to reduce the wrinkles but had no idea if they worked.

Dr Oz says for crow’s feet, take 500mg 2 x per day of primrose oil supplement. Simply mix 30 drops of primrose oil into water.

Dr Oz: Biotin B-Vitamin

Second up was audience member, Chrissy. Chrissy said she hated her short nails because they didn’t look good. She’s tried to get them to grow, but they just don’t. She’s been soaking them in olive oil but they still crack and split.

For healthier nails, Dr Oz says try biotin, which is a B vitamin. Biotin will make your nails stronger. You can combine this with soaking nails in olive oil to get healthy, strong nails.

Dr Oz: Black Currant Oil Supplements

Third up was Tara. Tara said she’s tried several different products for her hair but doesn’t really stick with one. She used the flat iron frequently, so she had split ends.

Dr Oz says to try black currant oil for healthy hair. For best results, take 500mg 2 x every day. Black currant oil helps the hair rejuvenate. (Tara and Dr Oz tried the black currant oil and said it was slightly bitter.)
Doctor Oz also revealed the supplements he took every single day, which included;

Dr Oz Beauty Multi-Vitamins

Dr Oz takes half in the morning and half at night. He only takes the ones labeled 100% of the daily value. Look for a multivitamin containing vitamins A,C,D,E ,K and some iodine in it.

Calcium & Magnesium

Another vitamin Dr Oz takes everyday is a combination of calcium and magnesium. He takes 600mg of calcium and 400 mg of magnesium. Be sure to take this combo a few hours after taking your multi vitamin.

Vitamin D3

For healthy skin, Doctor Oz took vitamin D3 every day. For maximum results, take 1000 IU per day. Vitamin D3 also contains DHA Omega 3 to help keep the brain and heart healthy.

Baby Aspirin Prevent Heart Attacks

To help prevent heart attacks, Doctor Oz takes 3 baby aspirin. Dr Oz suggested taking the aspirin at night. This also helps to keep the blood flowing.

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