Dr Oz: Primrose Oil Supplement, Black Currant Oil & Biotin B Vitamin


Dr Oz: Hair & Skin Supplements Under $10

With summertime approaching, you may be looking for the best ways to get healthy hair and glowing skin. If so, you’re in luck! On today’s show, Doctor Oz revealed his best hair and skin supplements including Primrose Oil Supplements, Black Currant Oil (both of which he spoke about previously on this show as well: Beauty Booster Supplements) and Biotin (or B-Vitamins). The best part? They’re all under $10. (You can put that extra money toward your new killer bikini to match your beautiful hair and skin!)  Plus, while we are on the topic of amazing supplements, checkout the other supplements Dr Oz suggested on today’s show including a Miracle Appetite SuppressantBelly Fat Supplements, L-Carnosine Anti-Aging Pill and Cancer Fighting Supplements.

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