Royal Jelly Supplements & Grape Seed Extract on Dr Oz Anti-Aging List

By on May 31, 2012

Dr Oz: Anti-Aging Secrets

Want to know the secrets to looking and feeling younger? (So do I!) On today’s show, Dr Oz was joined by Dr. Brenda Powell, to reveal the alternative solutions to help you look and feel your best with things like Royal Jelly Supplements, Grape Seed Extract, Dry Brushing and Broccoli Sprouts. Find out how to prevent high blood pressure, which is the biggest ager of all.

Dr Oz: Royal Jelly Supplements & Grape Seed Extract

Dr Oz's Anti-Aging Secrets include Royal Jelly Supplements & Grape Seed Extract.

Dr. Brenda Powell said she had a passion for natural remedies. She loved to bring holistic solutions into her practice as part of her standard care for her patients. Doctor Oz told Dr. Powell that he admired that in a traditional physician. The key is to have your patients try all-natural remedies to see if they work for them.

Dr Oz: Royal Jelly Supplements Review

Dr Oz said to help fight damage of UV radiation, try royal jelly supplements. Royal Jelly Supplements comes from bees and helps combat damages to your skin made by the sun. (Fun fact: the queen bee feeds this to herself and to a small percentage of her worker bees.) For maximum effect, place ¼ tsp of Royal Jelly Supplements underneath the tongue. In supplement form, take 500 mg per day. Royal jelly supplements are also packed full with amino acids for heart health.

Dr Oz: Broccoli Sprouts

Another of Dr Oz’s all-natural remedy to help fight aging is broccoli sprouts. For maximum effect, eat 2 Tbsp per day. Place broccoli sprouts on a salad or sandwich for a little extra taste. (And I mean, a little!)

Dr Oz: Grape Seed Extract Fights Heart Disease

Grape seed extract helps to fight heart disease, which lowers your risk of heart attack and stroke. Grape seed extract also lowers blood pressure. For maximum benefit, take 150-300 mg per day.  And guess what else Grape Seed Extract does? It gives you a flat belly (that is why  it was on Dr Oz’s Flat Belly Supplements list too!).

Dr Oz: Dry Brushing

Dr Oz said to use dry brushing to increase blood and lymph flow. Dry brushing detoxes and rejuvenates while removing dead skin cells from the body. To get the blood flowing, brush in a circular motion, up the arm. (Do not use on the face or over a rash.) Do this 2 X per week.

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