Skinny Jean Highlighter Test & Ballet Flats Cause Arthritis

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Skinny Jean Highlighter Test & Ballet Flats Cause Arthritis

By on June 22, 2012

Dr Oz Fashion

Did you know that what you have hanging in your closet may be a tell-tale sign about your health? Doctor Oz says that certain garments of clothing can actually be making you sick. Find out if the clothes you’re wearing are putting your health at risk.  And learn how to take the Skinny Jean Highlighter Test and whether or not ballet flats cause Arthritis.  Plus, learn about Purse Germs in the Dr Oz segment that came right before this!

Dr Oz Skinny Jean Highlighter Test & Ballet Flats Cause Arthritis

You must take the Dr Oz Skinny Jean Highlighter Test and learn whether ballet flats cause Arthritis.

Bacteria on Scarves

Kyla, an audience member, said she brought along a few of her favorite pieces of clothing to The Dr Oz Show. She especially loved her scarf, which was a great fashion statement for any of her outfits. Kyla told Dr Oz she wore her scarf 3-4 a week but didn’t wash it frequently. When asked, most of the audience members admitted that they didn’t wash their scarves very often either. Dr Oz pulled out a device that detected bodily fluids and bacteria. (Uh, oh, this didn’t look good for Kyla!) He scanned Kyla’s scarf with the device and bodily fluid lit up on the bottom of the scarf. (Yuck!) Dr Oz said this could be due to the scarf dragging or being dropped on the floor. Germs live on surface for months and could cause infections. To eliminate the issue, either change or clean the scarf more frequently.

Dr Oz: Highlighter Jean Test

Kyla loved her skinny jeans, but she said they were hard to get into because they were so, well, skinny. Dr Oz says jeans that are too tight may put pressure on the nerves, which could cause tingling. This could even result in the need for surgery. Dr Oz suggested the highlighter jean test. If you can’t place a highlighter marker between the jeans and the waist, they’re too tight.

Do Ballet Flat Shoes Cause Arthritis?

Kyla said she loved her flat shoes because they were so comfortable and better looking than sneak ers. Dr Oz says ballet flats can increase your chance of arthritis because they put pressure on the knees, hips, and back. To eliminate this issue, Dr Oz says to buy flats with a little bit of an arch. You can add heel liners to help feet stick in the shoe so your toes aren’t grasping the shoe when walking.

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