Tyra Banks’ Body Image Bullying as a Supermodel on Dr Oz Show

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Tyra Banks’ Body Image Bullying as a Supermodel on Dr Oz Show

By on June 1, 2012

Dr Oz: Tyra Banks Body Image Mission

Dr Oz was joined by Tyra Banks to give her advice for every woman who has never been made to feel pretty enough. On a previous show, Tyra Banks confessed to Dr Oz that even she had been bullied. When she was 11-years-old, she grew 3 inches and lost 30 lbs. As a little girl, she was the bully and overnight she became the victim of bullying. She went through a mild depression because kids (and adults) made fun of her. Even years later, as a supermodel, her agency called her mother (who was her agent at the time) and gave her a list of agencies in Italy that did not want to work with Tyra because of her full boobs and hips. Since then, Tyra has dedicated her life to helping women feel better about their bodies.

Dr Oz Tyra Banks’ Body Image Issues

Dr Oz spoke with Tyra Banks’ about her body image issues as a supermodel and how she was discriminated against for being curvy.

Tyra Banks Discrimination Battle

Tyra said her mother was a strong woman, so during the times when people told her she wasn’t strong enough, she had mom saying she was okay and good enough. Not every woman had that strong person, so Tyra tries to be that support.

She says, if we don’t have that support, we need to look inside our selves. When she was younger, her mother told her to go to the mirror, take off all your clothes and look at your body. Point out one thing that you like about yourself. It could be your eyes, your hair or even your fingers. Find that one thing. If you don’t have people around you helping you do that, do it for yourself. Come back a few days later and find something else you like about your body.

Tyra felt that people who bully have something inside of themselves they feel isn’t good enough, so they use bullying to bring power to themselves. Because of this reason, she has had to cut friends out of her life.

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  1. Good Looking Out Tyra:) I Love The Idea of Looking In The Mirror Exercise. There are Many Women who grew up being Bullied and as a Result Find Themselves at a Dead End With Their Lives Living in Fear due to the Aftermath Trauma.

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