Yummie Tummie Tank Top, DKNY Smoothie Leggings & Dr Oz Surf & Turf


Dr Oz: Fake It Like the Rich & Healthy

Dr Oz gave us an Anti-Aging Plan, and even an Anti-Aging Supplement (Schizandra Berries!), but all of us still want to know how to look slim!  The elite don’t just live lavishly, they live healthy too. You don’t need wealth to better your health. You can still get healthy without spending loads of cash. Dr Oz says you can fake it like you made it and live like the rich and healthy. Normally, Surf and Turf dinners cost $165 per person. With the less expensive version, Richard swapped out filet mignon for hangers steak (more flavor and just as lean) and swapped out expensive lobster for shrimp. He used eggplant caviar instead of expensive caviar. The total cost per person was $8.03—what a big difference!


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