Dr Oz: 5 Tibetan Rites & How to Start a Healthy Habit


Dr Oz: 5 Tibetan Exercises to Transform Your Life

Dr. Oz loves hearing success stories from his viewers who have transformed their lives after following advice they saw on his show. Today he is saluting a woman who made some small health changes that led to huge results. Stacy says she was feeling exhausted, stressed, and depressed, but after she started watching the Dr. Oz Show she decided to take control of her life. She lost weight, gained more energy, and started to feel better overall, but the biggest turning point came when she started doing 5 Tibetan exercises every morning.



  1. Sussana says

    Great video! Mr Kelder recommends starting with 3 of each, adding 2 a week. Max per day is 21 reps of each. Another rush where Dr Oz left out the stand and rest 2 breaths between each exercise to observe and feel (meditative). The whole purpose is to go exceedingly slow & respect the body-mind-soul. The monks do that daily, like re-inventing and thank you for another day. It is not a mindless impatient Western get it over with workout. Even tho, as long as one sticks to it daily, there are still benefits.

    Like this one lady who was tired of yoga and decided to get down on it anytime she was stressed & did only pushups. Two weeks later her hubby told her how great she looked.

    And why 21? There are 112 chakras, 4 are automatic. 108 need maintenance (per ishausa.) 21 x 5 = 105 plus the 6th one done 3 times a week once you reach 21 per day. That is 108 breath coordinated meditative (prayer) movements condensed to 21.

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