Dr Oz: Unexpected Cleaning Uses for Ketchup, Vodka & Club Soda


Dr Oz: Unexpected Natural Cleaners

Do you need a new solution to help you keep it clean around the house? Dr Oz said that natural cleaners mean you don’t have to use harsh chemicals or spend a lot of money. See what ketchup, club soda, toothpaste, and vodka can do!

Dr Oz: Ketchup Cleans Tarnished Copper

Dr Oz: Unexpected Natural Cleaning Uses for Ketchup, Vodka & Club Soda

Dr Oz shared the unexpected natural cleaning properties of some things you already have around your house, like ketchup, vodka, club soda, and toothpaste.


  1. Rhonda Schlossberg says

    I grew up in Fl., Always in the pool, which caused constant ear infections.My docter had me put a couple drops of vodka in my ears after swimming! Never got another ear infection!

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