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Dr. Oz: Do Smartphones Cause Cancer? Dr. Oz talked about whether smartphones are giving our children cancer on his show today.  If you’re confused about whether or not this is a real concern in America today, you’re not alone. Some experts say this isn’t an issue, but others say this could be the tobacco and asbestos […]

Dr. Oz: Daisy Lewellyn Cancer Dr. Oz talked to Blood, Sweat, and Heels star Daisy Lewellyn about her struggle with cancer. Daisy said she first knew something was wrong when she was doing press for the show and her makeup artist told her that the entire whites of her eyes were green. She went to the doctor […]

Dr. Oz: Tom Brokaw Cancer Legendary broadcaster came by Dr. Oz to talk about his 16 month battle fighting cancer. Tom said he’s doing a lot of the things he did before like running and hiking. But because his type of cancer attacked the bone, he also has some bone damage. Dr. Oz: Tom Brokaw […]

Dr. Oz: Fight Cancer With Food Dr. Oz talked on his show about how we can turn our kitchen into a cancer-fighting powerhouse. He talked to Dr. Mitchell Gaynor, who said that the kitchen is the center of every household. He said food is one thing we definitely have control over when it comes to […]

Dr. Oz: 1000th Episode With Hugh Jackman Dr. Oz kicked off his 1000th episode by walking around backstage and greeting all of his staff on the way out, as well as some of his guests. His first guest was superstar Hugh Jackman, who had never been a guest before but Dr. Oz said they’d seen […]

Dr Oz: Ken Burns Presents Cancer Dr Oz put the spotlight on a new documentary that he said inspired him about the advances the past two generations have made in Cancer research. Meet the people behind the story and find out how you can get a comprehensive look at the ages-old disease of Cancer. Dr Oz: Cancer: […]

Dr. Oz: Preventing Cancer Dr. Oz talked to a doctor named Dr. William Li, who has an intriguing approach to cancer treatment and prevention. He believes getting caner isn’t just “bad luck”, but rather something we can take proactive action in our lives to try to prevent. Dr. Li lost two family members to cancer. […]

Dr. Oz: Oz Nation Dr. Oz had a little quiz for his fans, which he calls Oz Nation. You know you’re Oz Nation when: You were eating kale before kale was cool. You have a PhD in poop. If your friends and family members frequently say to you, “Let me guess, you heard it on […]

Dr. Oz: Does Red Meat Give You Cancer? Dr. Oz talked about whether red meat gives you cancer. Many articles and studies are showing that there is a connection, but Dr. Oz said that we can still enjoy red meat without increasing our cancer risk, as long as we follow his simple steps. Arlene grew […]

Dr. Oz: 4 Symptoms of Cancer Dr. Oz talked on his show about the four symptoms of cancer that women often ignore. Warning signs of cancer often mimic other conditions and so Dr. Oz wanted to talk about them so people knew the difference. Dr. Oz: Bruising is a Sign of Leukemia It turns out […]

Dr. Oz: Ovarian Cancer Dr. Oz talked to a woman named Rhonda who learned the symptoms of ovarian cancer on Dr. Oz’s show and took action to save her life. It started with Rhonda feeling nauseous and having pelvic pain. She’s a flight attendant and she was working a lot, so she just thought it […]

Dr. Oz: Couple’s Love Story Transcends Cancer Dr. Oz shared the story of Mary and Angelo, who had a storybook marriage. But even brain cancer has proven no match for their love. Angelo and Mary met when they were 15. They were working at the same restaurant in time, where their love blossomed. They married […]

Dr. Oz: Is Thyroid Cancer Being Overdiagnosed? Dr. Oz talked to an endocrinologist named Dr. Florence Comite who believes most thyroid cancers should not be treated. Thyroid cancer has been on the rise over the past few decades, but Dr. Comite said this indicates overdiagnosis, not something more serious. We now have technology that can […]

Dr. Oz: Cologuard Review Dr. Oz talked about a brand new test that can prevent colon cancer called Cologuard. This is a critical new test, because if detected early, 90 percent of people with colon cancer are cured. But when left undetected, the chance of surviving drops to 10 percent. The new test lets people […]

Dr. Oz: Signs of Cancer Dr. Oz talked about the most commonly missed cancer signs on his show. He was joined by Kim from the audience. She said cancer has influenced her life because her mom ignored some signs at first, but eventually went to the doctor and was diagnosed with bladder cancer. She said […]

Dr. Oz: Joan Lunden Breast Cancer Diagnosis For nearly two decades, former Good Morning America host and TV personality Joan Lunden has been sharing her story with her fans, from her struggles with infertility to successes with surrogacy in her fifties to her current struggle with stage 2 breast cancer. She’s been documenting her entire journey with […]

Dr. Oz: Melissa Etheridge Cancer Survivor Melissa Etheridge is a music superstar, a mother, a wife, and a cancer survivor. She’s made a career out of trailblazing moments. 21 years ago, Melissa Etheridge came out as a gay woman at an inaugural ball for President Bill Clinton, long before it was accepted in show business. […]

Dr. Oz: Breast Cancer Survivor Dr. Oz talked on his show about breast cancer. He talked to Erica, who learned how to give herself a self-exam for breast cancer after watching Dr. Oz in late 2011. The segment on Dr. Oz caused her to talk to her doctor, which ultimately saved her life. Now she’s at […]

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