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Dr Oz: Longevity Checklist – Live to Be 100 Have you ever thought about what it would be like to live to be 100 years old? If so, then today’s Dr. Oz Show is the one for you because he has the answers you have been waiting for that include a longevity checklist to help […]

Dr Oz: Tips to Prevent Sun Damage Today Dr. Oz is revealing the truth about three of the biggest sun exposure myths and he asked dermatologist Dr. Elizabeth Tanzi to help clear up the confusion once and for all. Dr Oz: Does Higher SPF Protect You Better? Now that we are getting closer to swimsuit […]

Dr Oz: How to Reduce Your Risk for Liver Cancer Today is the day you cut your cancer risk in half and stop it before it even has a chance to start because Dr. Oz has three natural breakthroughs and they might already be in your kitchen right now! Cancer is the disease we all […]

Dr Oz: HPV vs Pap Test Cancer Screening If you are a woman in your 30s or 40s and you believe you no longer need to go to your OB/GYN for annual exams, Dr. Oz says you need to pay close attention to the breaking news he is about to share. There is a new […]

Dr Oz: Beer Marinade Reduces Cancer Risk Dr. Oz says meat and beer are a winning duo for many of us, especially since barbecue season is almost here, but new research shows combining the two could even reduce your risk for cancer by almost 53%! Use darker beers, which contain higher amounts of antioxidants, to […]

Dr Oz: What is BHT? Today Dr. Oz reveals the shocking truth about questionable ingredients found in the foods you eat every single day! Also, learn how to protect yourself from the dangerous ingredient found in your clothing. Dr Oz: BHA Preservative Linked to Cancer Dr. Oz says BHA and BHT are two of the […]

Dr Oz: Do Cell Phones Cause Brain Cancer? Dr. Oz is taking on some of the biggest health controversies you believe because he says you deserve to know the truth about what is really going on with the government and with your doctor. Dr Oz: Health Conspiracy Theories Dr. Oz says today’s show will leave […]

Dr Oz: Kid Prodigy with the Cure for Cancer Dr Oz was inspired by a motivated teen who wants to cure her own cancer. Elana Simon said she has a rare form of Liver Cancer, which was diagnosed when she was 12. Her doctors caught it early, but there is not a lot of information about […]

Dr Oz: Do Antioxidants Cause Cancer? Dr. Oz has stunning news about antioxidants that will leave you wondering if you should stop taking them altogether. The vitamins you have always been told are good for preventing disease, especially cancer, could actually be causing you more harm than good. Dr. Oz weighs in and offers a […]

Dr Oz: What is Radical Remission? Dr. Oz says that a diagnosis of cancer is what we all fear the most, but there is a new phenomenon called Radical Remission where terminal cancer disappears without any medical explanation and it has been leaving doctors baffled. Dr Oz: How to Beat Cancer with Radical Remission Radical […]

Dr Oz: Weatherman Sam Champion’s Health Scare Dr. Oz says most Americans are not getting enough Vitamin D in their bodies, which is very important since it helps prevent diseases including cancer and depression. The number one source of Vitamin D is the sun, so Dr. Oz invited weatherman Sam Champion to talk about the […]

Dr Oz: The Little Couple’s Cancer Scare Many of us fell in love with Dr. Jen Arnold and her husband Bill Klein when they began starring in a reality show about their life called The Little Couple. We have watched as they struggled to live in a world designed for “normal” sized people and felt […]

Dr Oz: Foods That Fight Cancer What if food was the best way to prevent and beat cancer? Would you change your diet if you knew it could lower your risk for certain cancers and extend your life? Dr. Oz’s guest says there are foods that can literally lower your risk by at least 50% […]

Dr Oz: Is Milk Bad for Your Health? Have you been told your whole life that milk is healthy for you? Today Dr. Oz talks to a controversial doctor who says it is actually a lie because he argues that milk does not grow strong bones, it increases inflammation, and may even raise your risk […]

Dr Oz: Cancer Pee Test Dr. Oz says that early cancer detection could be a simple bathroom break away, so he has a pee test for you try. He asked for an Assistant of the Day to help him explain the test and what you need to look for the next time you use the […]

Dr Oz: Is Soy Harmful to Your Thyroid? Have you ever noticed all of the products in your grocery store that contain soy? Dr. Oz says soy can be confusing to a lot of people, which is why it has sparked a lot of controversy in the health community. Today Dr. Oz sets the record […]

Dr Oz: Warning Signs You Are Aging Too Quickly Dr. Oz says getting old before your time does not just mean going gray and getting wrinkles too early, so today he has the three warning signs you are aging faster than you should, as well how you can stop it from happening! Dr Oz: Earlobe […]

Dr Oz: Shortness of Breath is #1 Heart Attack Warning Sign for Women Dr. Oz has done nearly 800 shows and he says the ones you want to see the most are those that provide ways to spot the signs of the diseases you fear most. One of the biggest is Ovarian Cancer and while […]