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Dr Oz & Dr Joe Mercola: Non-Melanoma Cancer Cure

On today’s Dr Oz Show, Osteopath, Joe Mercola, gave some of his most radical treatments yet. Most physicians have never even heard of these “miracle” cures and some even say Joe Mercola is a quack and consider his practice “irresponsible.” The FDA (Food Drug Administration) has even questioned his theories. Even so, his followers swear by his unorthodox cures. He claims you can eliminate cancer with a fruit you may have in your kitchen. He has simple solutions for dangerous toxins in your body that your doctor probably doesn’t even know about. Today, Dr. Mercola joined Dr Oz to give you his “cures” for common ailments.

Dr Oz: BEC 5 Curaderm Cream

– Dr. Mercola claims non-melanoma cancer can be cured by eggplants.


  1. Lisa says

    Firstly, “melanoma can spread” is a understatement. Melanoma WILL spread to liver, brain, internal organs if not eradicated. Please do not confuse Melanoma with Skin Cancer. As a Melanoma survivor I can tell you that NO ONE would treat this disease with a cream.

  2. says

    Hello I would like a chance to receive help from Doctor Oz for my weight problem. I am 5’2″ and 58 years old and weigh 292lbs. I don’t want to stay this size. I am willing but I need a good sound plan such as the one offered to the girls who stayed for help over 300 lbs. I am willing to tell my story to get the help.

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