Dr Oz Cancer Fighting Foods Grocery List: Printable Shopping List!!!

By on May 29, 2012

Dr Oz Cancer Fighting Foods

Want to know how to fill your grocery cart to reduce your risk of cancer? On today’s show, Doctor Oz was joined by Cancer Researcher, Dr. William Li, to show you how to prevent cancer with foods right in your grocery store.  Some of Dr Oz’s Cancer Fighting Foods on his grocery list include Jarlsberg Cheese for Lung Cancer, bananas and calamari for Breast Cancer and pecans for Colon Cancer.

Dr Oz Cancer Fighting Foods

Dr Oz's Cancer Fighting Foods Grocery List includes bananas, which help to prevent Breast Cancer.

Dr William Li

Dr. William Li, Cancer Prevention Researcher, stated that we need to think about cancer differently and how to combat the deadly disease. When it comes to preventing cancer, the foods you eat are a key element. Some of these foods work by cutting off the blood supply feeding the cancer cells. Without a blood supply, cancers can’t grow. By choosing the right foods, we can “literally eat to starve cancer.” On today’s show, Dr Oz highlighted the foods that were the simplest and easiest to grab.

To prove his point, Dr Oz sent out a team of shoppers to the grocery stores to pick out which foods they believed helped fight cancer. Each woman was assigned a designated aisle (produce, frozen etc…) and had to choose a cancer-fighting food.

Dairy Aisle:

Jarlsberg Cheese Prevents Lung Cancer

A lot of people haven’t even heard of this cheese. Dr Oz’s Cancer Fighting Foods Grocery List begins with Jarlsberg Cheese because he said it seems to prevent lung cancer. Lung Cancer is the #1 cancer killer of men and women. Twenty-percent of women who get lung cancer have never smoked a day in their life.

Dr Oz said this cheese tasted like Swiss cheese and contains vitamin K produced by a bacteria used to make the cheese. Dr. Li says eating this cheese will lower your risk of lung cancer by 62%.

Produce Aisle:

Bananas Prevent Breast Cancer

Bananas help prevent breast cancer, making it another great addition to your Cancer Fighting Foods Grocery List. To reduce your risk of breast cancer by 40%, eat ½ banana per day, at the very least. Bananas are also a good source of vitamin A and C.

Tangerines Prevent Esophageal Cancer

Next up on Dr Oz’s Cancer Fighting Foods list are tangerines, which help prevent Esophageal Cancer. They’re like oranges, but more intense. Drinking freshly squeezed juice lowers esophageal cancer by 40%. Drink at least 1 glass per day.

Frozen Food Aisle:

Squash Prevents Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma

Frozen squash helps prevent non-hodgkins lymphoma, making it a quick, yet delicious and nutritious addition to Dr Oz’s Cancer Fighting Foods Grocery List. Women who eat frozen squash 2 times per week have reduced risk by 28%. You can use frozen squash in soup or as a side dish. Dr. Li said it didn’t matter if the squash was fresh or frozen, however, the frozen squash lasts longer. Sweet potatoes are another good choice to help fight cancer.

Seafood Aisle:

Squid & Calamari Prevent Breast Cancer

Grilled or baked squid or calamari is a delicious dish. (Skip the fried calamari.) This helps prevent breast cancer because it contains cancer fighting omega 3 fatty acids, which is also healthy for your heart. Eating just a 3 oz can of squid or calamari greatly reduces your chances of breast cancer.

Dr Oz’s also discussed his cancer fighting bonus tips, which included:

Pecans Prevent Colon Cancer

This key ingredient you may already have inside fridge. To help prevent cancer, try some crushed pecans on your yogurt and fruit. Just 10 halves per day reduce your risk of colon cancer. Plus, they taste great too.

Yoga Fights Cancer

Dr Oz says de-stressing is a good way to fight cancer. This simple Yoga move also helps the immune system and only takes 30 seconds out of your busy day. (Dr Oz does this move in the middle of the day when he’s stressed out.)

Stand up
Place feet apart
Stretch over to right
Stretch over to left
Do a warrior pose to the right (like a swordfighter)
Do a warrior pose to the left. (Do not over-extend. Your knee should be over your feet)
Place feet together and then reach for the sky, taking in a deep breath as you do so.

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  1. I would love to see the actual studies on how Tangerines prevent Esophageal cancer. If you eat citrus, doesn’t it make the acid worse and in turn cause more damage?

  2. Please help with a 68year Man with Lung Cancer plus a smoker.
    My Husband still smokes as well, I say Not if but when as I have had a breast mescetomy
    I saw on your show Artichokes,strawberry’s, every day plus fish3 times aweek with buck-choy.
    and cooked tomatoes, I wanted to know if the product was frozen and how should the above be taken
    Warm regards
    Robyn I live in Australia 061 0755383999 or Uncle mobile Australia 0415901846 me 0450634398

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