Dr Oz: 3 Things to Live Longer, Asprin Prevents Cancer & Dr David Agus


Dr Oz: 3 Things You Can Do Right Now to Live Longer

Dr. Oz and Dr. David Agus, a controversial leader in the medical field and author of the book The End of Illness, continued their conversation about living a longer life and looking for a Fountain of Youth.  We know that Dr Agus loves Statin Drugs and thinks that Antioxidants could cause Cancer, but next he shared three things that we can do right now to live a longer life.

Dr Oz: Eat on a Regular Schedule & Automate Your Life

Automate your life – Dr. David Agus argues we should eat, sleep, and work at the same time every day. He says it actually increases your stress level to do things like eat lunch at different times every day. You don’t think as well, your muscles don’t work as well and you will not exercise as well. He says if you eat on a regular schedule and get up and go to bed at a regular schedule, you are going to do better. Dr. Oz pointed out that many people have busy lives with irregular schedules and asked what Dr. Agus suggests to those folks. Dr. David Agus says to prepare for that irregularity. For example he purchases a large box of healthy bars and eats one at the same time he would have eaten his regular lunch that day. By doing this at his regular lunchtime he keeps his stress hormones down rather than increase them, which is what a random schedule does to our bodies. Stressors on our body from lack of a routine are very damaging in the long term and detrimental to our overall health.

Dr Oz: Aspirin Prevents Cancer & Heart Attacks

Take a daily aspirin – Dr. Oz recommends this because it reduces the instance of heart attacks and Dr. David Agus recommends it because the research shows there is a 30 percent decrease in the rate of cancer deaths. Neither of them mentioned a specific age for this recommendation. That’s information I’d like to have as I think it would be beneficial for myself as well as to share with others in my life.

Dr Oz: Stand Up for Your Health

Standing up for your health– They both adamantly agree that we have to literally get up and get moving on a regular basis throughout the day, every day.

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