Dr Oz: 5 Best Bar Soaps & Does Eggplant Cream Cures Cancer?


Noble Soap & Dr Oz’s Top 5 Bar Soaps

Dr Oz’s show on August 28, 2012 is called “Radical Cures Your Doctor Thinks Are Crazy.”  He covered topics like the 5 best bar soaps (including Noble Formula Pyrithione Zinc Soap), how Dryer Sheets Tame Frizzy Hair, and Chlorella Green Mineral Algae helps to detoxify your system and clear up fatigue or brain fog.  I love when Doctor Oz gives lists of things, like of his favorite 5 bar soaps!  Granted they do not all apply to everyone (like the Noble Soap that is useful for a skin problem called Tinea Cersicolor), but the rest of the list has a bar of soap that is perfect for everyone!  Have acne or oily skin?  Dr Oz was told by Dr Tanzi that people with acne should try PanOxyl 10% (which you can buy here).  If you are looking for a soap to use on your face, Neutrogena Transparent Facial Bar Soap is very gentle and perfect for cleaning your neck and back as well (you can buy it here).  If you tend to have dry skin, then Cetaphil Gentle Cleansing Bar is the name of your game because it does not strip your skin of the natural oil it produces (you can buy it here).  And of course you know that Dove would have to be on the list, especially if you have sensitive skin, the suggested bar soap was Dove Sensitive Skin Unscented Beauty Bar (which you can buy here).  What type of soap do you use?  What do you love and what do you hate about your current soap?  Leave a comment below and share your thoughts!


  1. TreenBean says

    My family has tried the Cetaphil soap in the past and it dried us out just like regular soap. it doesn’t have the dimethicone in it like the wash does. Cetaphil skin cleanser is much better. You can put it on with a dry or damp cloth. You can leave it on your skin or rinse it off. It worked much better on my son who has had eczema since he was a baby.

  2. CalMary says

    Badger bar soap line has saved my older, dry skin. I have chemical sensitivities so I decided to try the unscented bar soap and it left my skin soft. I can’t use moisturizers but I don’t need to after using this in the shower and on my face. Most other mosturizers and soaps that I had used only left my skin soft for a short time. The Badger soap has left my skin soft the longest. It also comes in other scents. It’s a good size bar too.

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