Dr Oz After Cancer Care: Baste & Marinade to Reduce Cancer Risk


Dr Oz: Life After Cancer

What happens to Cancer patients after they finish treatment? Going into remission is fantastic news, but are patients given all the information they need to lower the odds that the Cancer could return? Dr Oz’s father-in-law, cardiothoracic surgeon Dr Gerald Lemole, was concerned that patients needed more guidance once they finished treatment.

So he teamed up with two colleagues to put together a new book about self-care after cancer treatment. That book is called After Cancer Care, and Dr Lemole joined Dr Oz to discuss some of its advice. The authors wanted to help give patients back a sense of control during a very stressful time in life.

Dr Oz: Phytonutrients from Complex Carbs

Dr Oz After Cancer Care: Baste & Marinade to Reduce Cancer Risk

Dr Oz revealed some of the diet and lifestyle changes patients can make to help reduce the risk of Cancer, from the new book ‘After Cancer Care.’ (philandpam / flickr)

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