Dr Oz: Age To Start Having Mammogram & Why Should I Get a Colonoscopy?


Dr Oz: Examine Moles To Detect Skin Cancer

Dr. Oz and Dr. Santa from Consumer Reports discussed the cancer screenings that you should avoid, but now Dr. Oz is sharing the three important tests that you need! Keep reading to find out his recommendations!

Dr Oz: Pap Smears Detect Cervical Cancer

Dr. Oz said there are three important tests you should be asking for from your doctor to screen for cancer. He said they could very well save your life and should not be avoided. The first lifesaving test that Dr. Oz recommends is the pap smear, which is a screening to detect cervical cancer. He explained that a pap smear is important because once an infection gets into a woman’s cervix, the cancer cells grow at an incredible rate of speed, so having a pap smear could detect them early and save your life.

  • Women ages 21-65: Get a pap smear every three years if normal


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    Speaking of colonoscopies, I have a little secret you should not tell my doctor: Last time I had a colonoscopy, I didn’t drink that liquid poop enhancer. I went for colonic irrigation instead.

    Risky? Maybe, but the therapist came highly recommended and I loaded up on probiotics afterwards.

    Effective? You bet. In my almost 60 years, I’ve never been so clean.

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