Dr Oz: Anti-Stomach Cancer Diet

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Dr Oz: Anti-Stomach Cancer Diet

By on January 5, 2012

Dr Oz: Stomach Cancer Diet

Doctor Oz did a show about Stomach Cancer.  In this segment, Dr Oz introduced Dr. Neal Barnard, Nutrition Expert, to tell you which foods are best in fighting stomach cancer. By eating these foods on a daily basis, Dr Oz says that you can cut the risk of getting stomach cancer in half (or more).

Dr Oz: Cancer Fighting Foods

Tangerines & Clementines Fight Cancer:

-These orange colored fruits are loaded with vitamin C, which knocks out free radicals.

Dr Oz Anti-Stomach Cancer Diet

Dr Oz Anti-Stomach Cancer Diet

(Free radicals damage DNA.) These delicious goodies also contain flavonoids, which are located in the peel. Dr. Barnard suggested shaving off some of the peel and eating some. To get the maximum benefits, have 1 orange/tangerine or clementine per day.

Sweet Potatoes & Carrots Fight Cancer:

-Sweet potatoes and carrots- These orange colored vegetables contain beta-carotene, which knocks out free radicals in the cells. Sweet potatoes have caffeic acid, which kills the tumor. To receive the maximum benefits, eat ½ C of sweet potatoes per week or try having them every 2 days. (Personally, I like sweet potatoes so this won’t be hard. Carrots are another story…)

Brussel Sprouts Fight Cancer:

-Brussel sprouts contain sulforaphane, which help prevent cancer. Dr. Barnard suggested having 1 C of brussel sprouts per day, starting today. Other cancer fighting green veggies include broccoli and kale. (Thank goodness because that brussel sprout thing was not gonna happen here. Broccoli, I can work with.)

Garlic & Onions Fight Cancer:

-Garlic and onions- Garlic and onions contain a cancer-fighting agent, however, the trick is to not cook them right away. Dr. Barnard suggested letting the onion or garlic sit for 10 minutes after chopping them up. To get the maximum benefits, eat 1 clove of chopped garlic per day. (And be sure to carry plenty of gum and mints!)

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