Dr Oz: Antioxidant Supplement Warning & Dr Oz Vitamin A Recommendation


Dr Oz: Vitamin A Increases Men’s Risk For Prostate Cancer

Dr. Oz has always recommended foods with powerful antioxidants because of their ability to prevent cancer and protect the body from other diseases, but new research has put all of that into question. Could the antioxidant supplements you are taking be causing you more harm than good?

Dr Oz: Are You Overdosing On Antioxidant Supplements?

Dr. Russell Greenfield believes it is absolutely possible for antioxidant supplements to cause us more harm than good because we are simply getting too much of them. He admits, like everyone else, he bought into their powerful benefits. Dr. Greenfield said he has taken antioxidant supplements for years and often recommends them to his patients, but those could end up having the reverse effect. He was clear to express that the concern lies in antioxidant supplements, not healthy fruits and vegetables that naturally contain antioxidants. Dr. Greenfield told Dr. Oz that taking too much of something, even antioxidant supplements, can cause harm by getting rid of too many free radicals in the body. The question becomes, how many free radicals are good to have in the body and how much should we be getting rid of?

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