Dr. Oz: Arm + Shoulder Pain Could Mean Lung Cancer & Night Sweats


Dr. Oz: Signs of Cancer

Dr. Oz talked about the most commonly missed cancer signs on his show. He was joined by Kim from the audience. She said cancer has influenced her life because her mom ignored some signs at first, but eventually went to the doctor and was diagnosed with bladder cancer. She said it’s important to notice signs. Her mom is 75 and was visiting her when she mentioned she saw blood in her urine. Kim told her she needed to get that checked out immediately.

Dr. Oz: Arm & Shoulder Pain is a Sign of Lung Cancer

Dr. Oz: Arm + Shoulder Pain Could Mean Lung Cancer & Night Sweats

Dr. Oz sounded the alarm about several concerning symptoms of cancer, including arm and shoulder pain, night sweats, black stool, and irregular periods.



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    I do have shoulder and arm pain. The pain will even go down onto my clavicle and the pain stops before it goes to the breast. It hurts bad and sometimes it’s under my face , all on left side like a gland. I have gone to dr and to heart dr. All ck out good on heart. I have no insurance so that’s why I hesitate. I did smoke but quit 13 years ago. I’m 62 no other health problems little high b/p. Do you have any advise?

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