Dr Oz Black Salve: Dangerous At-Home Cancer Treatment Sold Online


Dr Oz: Black Salve Victims

Dr Oz was investigating the dangerous reality of black salve and what can happen when patients attempt to use the product to cure their cancer. The product is being sold online as a cure and one woman named Paulette used black salve in hopes of curing skin cancer on her nose. Paulette explained to Dr Oz that she had several experiences with skin cancer on her face in the past. She got a biopsy and learned that it was skin cancer again on her nose, but she couldn’t get it to see the doctor for surgery for three months. She was concerned about it growing during that time so she called a relative who told her she had the perfect thing for her. She was even told “You won’t even have cancer when you go see your doctor.”  But wait until you see what happens to these Black Salve Victims on the next page…

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