Dr Oz: Black Salve At-Home Cancer Cure: Dangerous or DIY Remedy?


Dr Oz: Amazon Black Salve & Cansema Review

An all-natural, at-home cure for cancer sounds too good to be true right? Black salve, also known as Cansema or Amazon Black Salve, is being sold as a cheap, safe, and effective cure. But as Dr Oz was quick to point out black salve is nothing short of frightening. Instead of curing people’s cancer, it’s literally rotting out people’s skin. It’s leaving people disfigured with holes in their body. Dr Oz investigated the popular at-home treatment to find out what was really going on.

Dr Oz: All-Natural Cancer Cure or Caustic Paste?

One patient described her experience with black salve by saying “I applied it and within minutes, it truly felt like someone had taken a lit cigar and held it to my skin.”

Dr Oz: Black Salve, Cansema + Dangerous At-Home Cancer "Cure"

Black salve is being used by patients hoping to cure their skin cancer at home, but with disastrous results. Dr Oz discussed the dangerous product. (ramizq1 / Flickr)

She was too embarrassed to show her face, but shared gruesome pictures of what happened when she applied the product to her breasts. She claimed to have thousands of dollars worth of dermatology bills and said she was in so much pain.  What exactly is Black Salve?  Wait until you see on the next page…

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