Dr Oz: Breast Cancer Cell Phone Link & Breast Cancer Risk Factors


Dr Oz: Is it Safe to Carry Your Cell Phone in Your Bra?

Dr. Oz says while it might be convenient to carry your cell phone in your bra he wants you to stop doing it right now! You are literally increasing your risk for breast cancer and Dr. Oz’s guest, Tiffany, is living proof that the threat to your health is very real as she talked about her personal battle with the disease at just 21 years old. She says she carried her cell phone in her bra for four years prior to the diagnosis when her doctor found a large tumor in the exact area where she had been keeping her cell phone.

Dr Oz: Breast Cancer Risk Factors

Tiffany’s mom, Tracy, joined she and Dr. Oz to explain what led her to make the connection between Tiffany’s breast cancer and her cell phone. Tracy says she eliminated many of the common breast cancer risk factors that could have been the cause of her daughter’s diagnosis.

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