Dr Oz: Cancer-Causing Substance Found In French Fries & Potato Chips


Dr Oz: Acrylamides In Cookies Linked To Cancer

Dr. Oz shared an important health threat that you need to know about. If you or your kids are drinking sodas or citrus flavored sports drinks you need to read this information and take it very seriously. There is a chemical additive that has been banned in 100 countries, but still appears in these beverages in the U.S., but the FDA is doing nothing about it!

Dr Oz: French Fries Contain Cancer-Causing Substance

The next shocking health threat is a chemical that is found in starchy foods. Acrylamide is present when you roast, toast, grill, or fry your favorite starchy foods, like french fries, potato chips and crackers. If your favorites are golden brown and crunchy then they most likely contain Acrylamide. It has been linked to nerve damage and cancer, so why is it still in so many of the foods that you love?

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