Dr Oz: Cancer Fighting Foods: Orange Foods, Cruciferous & Beans

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Dr Oz: Cancer Fighting Foods: Orange Foods, Cruciferous & Beans

By on January 5, 2012

Dr Oz: Orange Foods Fight Cancer

Dr Oz did a show about Stomach Cancer and did a segment on an Anti-Stomach Cancer Diet as well as a talk about Cancer Fighting Supplements.  But what about Cancer Fighting Foods?  Do you associate healthy food with the words, fresh and expensive? You don’t have to anymore. Dr Oz introduced Dr. Will Clower, who showed Doctor Oz Fans that some of the healthiest, cancer fighting foods can be kept right inside your pantry. These foods are cheap, easy to keep, and most of all, delicious!

-Orange foods- Orange foods like organic pumpkin or butternut squash, contain beta-carotene, which are anti-oxidants.

Dr Oz Cancer Fighting Foods

Dr Oz Cancer Fighting Foods

These yummy tasting foods also contain potassium, which is good for your heart and all around health. Make it delish by sprinkling on some cinnamon into your squash and eating it with some crunchy bread with parmesan cheese. These foods also help fight breast cancer. Studies indicate that women who eat orange foods have lower rates of breast cancer. Get the maximum benefits by eating these foods at least 3Xs per week.

Dr Oz: Pinto Beans & Red Beans Fight Cancer

-Antioxidant rich foods- This category includes foods such as red beans and pinto beans. Antioxidant rich foods help prevent colon and lung cancer, two of the biggest cancers. Dr. Clower suggested eating 1 C of red or pinto beans 3Xs per week. Make it simple. Throw them in a chili or a stew. You can also eat pinto beans as a side dish. (I’d rather have fries but okay then…)

Dr Oz: Cruciferous Foods Fight Colon Cancer

-Cruciferous foods (Haven’t heard that word since the 8th grade)- Cruciferous foods include cabbage and sauerkraut and help fight colon cancer. This category also helps fight prostate and breast cancer. To get the maximum benefit, consume 5-9 servings of fruits and veggies per day. (Or eat as often as you can get them.) You can enjoy sauerkraut on sandwiches or eat it by itself on the side. (I’m going to assume eating sauerkraut on a nitrate ridden hot dog is out of the question.) Dr. Clower also suggested eating sauerkraut with lentils as a side dish with broiled pork chops. (Pork chops? Thank goodness he didn’t say salmon!)

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  1. Keep seeing this ‘5 foods you should never eat’ but it never tells you..what are they?

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