Dr Oz: Cancer Fighting Super Foods Papaya, Sesame Seeds & Spinach

By on April 12, 2012

Dr Oz’s Cancer Fighting Super Foods

Looking for additional foods to use in your favorite meals that help fight cancer? You’re in luck! On today’s show, Doctor Oz was joined by Dr. Neal Barnard to give you the superfoods to add to some of your breakfast and lunch foods that help fight cervical, breast and colon cancer. And don’t forget to also read Dr Oz’s Foods to Unclog Arteries.

Dr Oz's Cancer Fighting Super Foods

Dr Oz spoke about Cancer Fighting Super Foods like Sesame Seeds & Spinach.

Dr Oz: Papaya Reduces Cervical Cancer Risk

If you’ve had a papaya fruit, then you know these are a delicious addition to any meal. Dr. Barnard suggested adding papaya to your Greek yogurt to help stop cancer cells from forming. For maximum benefits, eat 1 papaya per week to reduce your cervical cancer risk.

Dr Oz: Sesame Seeds Reduce Breast Cancer

Sesame seeds can add a little crunch to any meal. You can add it to your yogurt or as Dr. Barnard suggested, adding it to your breakfast cereal in the morning. This is a simple (and delicious) way to help fight cancer. Adding sesame seeds balances out hormones naturally and contain vitamin E, which is a powerful antioxidant. To help reduce breast cancer risk, add 1 Tbsp in your cereal per week.

Dr Oz: Spinach Reduces Colon Cancer

Did you know you can lower your colon cancer risk just by adding spinach into your breakfast omelet in the morning? (I love spinach in eggs anyway, but this is an added bonus!) Spinach contains a B vitamin called folate, which repairs the damage that free radicals do. For maximum benefits, try 1 cup of spinach in your omelet per week. (Yes, you can still add the cheese and bacon, just make it low-fat cheese and turkey bacon!)

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