Dr Oz: Cancer Superfoods | Parsley, Limes, Lima Beans & Apricots

By on January 31, 2012

Dr Oz: Cancer Fighting Foods

You may have had them once or twice, but Dr Oz says that in order to help fight cancer, you need to make these superfoods a part of your life. Did you know that every person that watched the Dr Oz Show today has cancer cells in them? The good news is that eating certain foods can stop those cells from growing. On today’s show, Dr Oz introduced Dr. William Li to give you the best superfoods to cut your cancer risk. Dr. Li stated there were several factors that you couldn’t control when it came to cancer, but food isn’t one of them. Food is impactful when looking to control risk factors of cancer.

Dr Oz: Lima Beans Fight Breast Cancer

1. Lima Beans- this food cuts off blood supply to kill cancer cells.

Dr Oz Cancer Superfoods

Dr Oz Cancer Superfoods

Lima beans contain a natural cancer fighter that cause breast cancer cells to die. Eating lima beans can lower risk of breast cancer by 24 percent. You can purchase them in the freezer section. (Shake the bag and make sure the beans separate. If they do not separate, this means they thawed and were re-frozen. (This does not contain as many cancer fighting agents.) Dr. Li suggested steaming or sautéing lima beans in a little olive oil. To get the maximum benefits, eat 1C per day. Lima beans are also high in fiber.

Dr Oz: Parsley Fights Ovarian Cancer

2. Parsley- parsley starves ovarian cancer cells by cutting off the blood supply to the tumor. Eat 1 C chopped parsley per day. You can sprinkle it on rice and eggs. Store fresh parsley by cutting off the stem and placing them in water to keep it fresh. If you store it in the fridge, cover it with a plastic bag.

Dr Oz: Limes Fight Lung Cancer

3. Limes- limes help fight lung cancer with a natural cancer fighter that stops the growth of cancer in its tracks. You can incorporate lime into your diet with lime juice. Slice a lime in half and squeeze out ½ C per day. Pour into cold water and create limeade. Put in a little honey and you have a delicious drink. You can also use lime instead of lemon in tea. Instead of adding salt to your food, squeeze on some lime.

Dr Oz: Apricots Fight Stomach Cancer

4. Apricot- apricots reduce the risk of stomach cancer by 47 percent. Eat 7 dried or fresh apricots per day. If you go for dried, get the sundried and not sulfate dried. (the darker version). Also, buy organic apricots because they have higher levels of cancer fighters.

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Comments to Dr Oz: Cancer Superfoods | Parsley, Limes, Lima Beans & Apricots

  1. I think its a blessing to have such valuable advice at your finger tips. I’m trying to become healthy but everyday its a challenge. Depression can destroy you and watching Dr Oz helps me regain my will. Love you Dr Oz.!

  2. No list for 99 foods in your shopping cart?
    I’m not

  3. Stephanie says:

    I would like more information regarding the study that was done with lima beans reducing breast cancer. My research has showed that most recommend not to eat lima beans. As a breast cancer survivor I find this information very confusing and would appreciate more information. Thank you

  4. Thanks Stepanie for that info on lima beans. Would you b able to direct me to the specifics of the negative info you found?
    I have been diagnosed with many calcifications and have to go back every 6 months for mammo so if the lima bean info is not good I don’t want to do the wrong thing.
    Thanks in advance.

  5. i saw the show about lima beans and breast cancer and searched the web and found a source saying it was bad for estrogen+ and progesteren+ types,is there any benefits for triple negative types,also it was stated thaat there are components of cyanide in lima beans,how much ingestion would be close to becoming dangerous? My wife was diagnosed and is going thru chemo and any and everything would be helpful

  6. I’m fighting stage 4 breast cancer and was also excited about the lima beans. I did see some sites that said they were bad for breast cancer patients but I’m hoping that Dr. Oz and his expert know better than these other sites. It is current information and I’m not sure how current those other sites are. Does anyone have any other information regarding the lima beans? My cancer is stable after 6 months of chemo and I’m desperate to kill it off and go into remission. If I can do that by eating a cup a lima beans a day, I’m in!

  7. I too am confused about the lima beans and breast cancer. Would you please share Dr. Li’s resources/studies about lima beans helping to prevent breast cancer? I advise women about how they can reduce their risks of breast cancer with diet and lifestyle changes and would love to understand how/why lima beans are so beneficial. Thank you!

  8. I heard about the lima beans, I had a lumpectomy, have been through chemo and am now about to finish radiation. I had an estrogen fed cancer, will the lima beans help or hurt me. I will have to take a pill for 5 years to block the estrogen.

  9. I am very healthy and know a lot about nutrition. I am so impressed with Dr. Oz and how he always manages to teach me something new. My husband is a Chiropractor and most of our patients watch his show religiously. I incorporate his wonderful ideas into our clinic and it creates even more excitments about health. You have no idea how many peoples you are helping. Hats off to you and your wonderful staff!

  10. Debra
    I agree with you. There are so many things that are beneficial to so many people. If it wasn’t for Dr Oz, I probably would still be living with diabetes and not know it. When I saw the show about the A1C blood test, I insisted that my doctor give it to me and low and behold I had diabetes. I do believe I had it for quite awhile and none of my doctors ever used that test.
    My fasting glucose was always a little above 100 but nothing was ever said. So with all the info given one has to careful with what and how they use the info. Never take anything as truth without checking it out first.
    I think that’s what we are all talking about in our comments. There is conflicting info on the lima beans to prevent breast cancer as stated on the dr . oz show. Also Soy is another thing that people who are at risk for breast cancer should be careful with. It is a natural estrogen which can feed some tumors, fibroids, and types of breast cancer.
    Not all info is good for all !!!
    Todays show on the heart, suggested that 3 things should be consumed to prevent or keep your heart healthy. One being beet juice. Not everyone should run out and buy and drink beet juice (diabetics).
    So my advice is be smart and don’t rush to believe everything you hear applies to you.
    Another complaint is that the dr oz website not always has what they say will be on the site.
    Recipes, lists, charts and coupons that’s all. No is saying the show isn’t great.

  11. Dr Oz.,
    Where did DrLi. get this info about Limes helping fight Lung Cacncer? Is there credible data? There is so much good and bad information out there – Iwould like to focus my energy on credible preventions. I was currently dioagnosed with stageiv LC.

  12. I’d also like to know about ER+ breast cancer patients eating lima beans. Most information suggests we should not be eating foods high in phytoestrogens such as lima beans. Research seems to be lacking in this area, which is a shame since an overwhelming number of breast cancers are ER+. It seems as if everything we eat that is supposed to be good for us is high in phytoestrogens. Until we get some answers, I’m going with everything in moderation. I love lima beans so will have them a couple of times a week.

  13. Please let me know about the lima beans and ER+….I have been eating them daily since the show…now I am concerned as I had ER+/HER2+ cancer

  14. Dr. Oz, my husband is currently going hthropugh his second round with cancer. We found out yesterday that he has advanced lung cancer. When we got home, I mistakenly punched in a channel and there you were with a Dr. Li. He was talking about lime juice stopping cancer in it’s tracks. I went right down to our small grocery store and bought every lime and 6 lemons. I have been making him lime juice in water with honey to help with the taste. The doctor said the cancer is advanced and for the last 5 months, he has had 3 ct scans and 2 pet scans. nothing has been done for him to this point. he will be going for a needle biopsy soon. How did Dr. Li find out about lime juice and cancer. will it go away or just stop it from getting worse. He’s very tired and cough a lot and every little effort he makes causes him to lose his breath. We will do anything to rid this terrible disease. thank you for your help. Marilyn

  15. Marilyn my prayers are with you. I would speak to other profesionsals about the lime juice so you don’t experience false hope.
    I researched the lima bean info for breast cancer. And according to the national cancer society and other websites. Lima beans are a no no. All the females on my dad’s side died from breast cancer and I have calcifications which have to be watched every 6 months so please do rearch first.
    God Bless and wishing your husband wellness. U could call CANCER CARE CENTER IN PHILIDELPHIA. THEY MAY BE ABLE TO HELP YOU

  16. Kat Sargent says:

    Dr. Oz is constantly talking about his “clinical team” researching the lastest in vitamins, supplements, etc. Every day he bombards people with more and more info. It’s overwhelming. He passes out these supplements like they were candy to people. I am for natural medicines but people need to make sure that supplements they are taking do not interact with prescription meds. So much of the stuff he recommends are not affordable. The average person on welfare and food stamps can’t afford these supplements. Every day there is another “miracle diet” he is touting. Also his program seems to cater more to women than men. He has done some good shows, like the ones on hunger, anorexia, end of life issues, the health insurance crisis, hazards in supermarkets, and various medical screenings. I do question the authenticity of his research team.

  17. Kat
    I agree with you and everything you said.
    Take this- take that -eat this- eat that. It’s just too much.
    There aren’t enoug hours in the day to eat and drink everything that is suggested. It’s soooo
    confusing. Don’t forget when Dr. Oz turned 50 he had his colonoscopy and a polyp was found-
    so goes all he talks about. Thank God it was benign but there are things that just happen.
    I think when something is suggested to eat or drink he should say or something should be said on the show that before you take certain things check with your doctor. Soy and lima beans bad if at risk for breast cancer- certain thing bad if you have diabetes etc.
    What scares me the most are all the weird named supplements that could interact with meds your on. Those natural things are not regulated.
    He show is good but I think he’s over extending himself. The show–his practice–now the new show NY MED.
    I wish he was able to answer us directly instead of us just chating.
    Staff members to respond would be great.

  18. I am really shocked that Dr Oz show allowed dr li to make a claim like that about lung cancer stopping it in its tracks. my dad has lung cancer and is holding off on his surgery to try the lime juice “to stop lung cancer in its tracks” I sure hope he doesn’t die from watching the Dr. Oz show!

  19. I’d just like to make note of what I believe is a typographical error whcih inadvertently conveys incorrect information. It is the

  20. i’d just like to make note of what appears to be a typographical error which as a result inadvertently conveys incorrect info. It is the appetizing-looking, plumper and LIGHTER COLORED apricots which are dried using sulfates and should be avoided. The less attractive, somewhat more shrivelled, DARKER COLORED apricots are naturally sun-dried and should be eaten, as if organic as well, are loaded with nutritionally benefical substances, including cancer-fighters.

  21. I am no longer positive the place you are getting your info, however great topic. I must spend a while studying much more or figuring out more. Thanks for wonderful info I was searching for this information for my mission.

  22. Where is the list of 99 foods to put in your grocery chart?

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