Dr. Oz: Daisy Lewellyn Cancer Battle & Soft Skin Solution Cream


Dr. Oz: Daisy Lewellyn Cancer

Dr. Oz talked to Blood, Sweat, and Heels star Daisy Lewellyn about her struggle with cancer. Daisy said she first knew something was wrong when she was doing press for the show and her makeup artist told her that the entire whites of her eyes were green.

She went to the doctor and learned she had Stage 3 Bile Duct Cancer. Daisy said that this is a really rare form of cancer.



  1. elaheh says

    Excuse me doctor, in which the page should ask my question ….

    I am a 19 year old girl … so I did not have anything on my skin, no sunscreen or moisturizer, and my skin is so perfect … but that’s all excited expression and define some of my skin.But you and the rest of the doctors and experts say you should use moisturizer after bathing the skin to absorb more water get up and go out when they want to use the sunscreen ….. after your program and explanations about skin I got one of the best but preparing the worms the perfect skin you say because you do not need these things to you……

    And because ever since I did not use, do not use …. I wanted to see what to do? … And also you said that we should also use soap for me …. I do not do anything to my face using soap is required and if so what better to do I use soap and soap several times a week and she must stay on the skin…..

    I could not put my trust because they worm themselves to Doctors recommend to some people, but because I trust you, I’d ask ….. Thanks!

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