Dr. Oz: Do Smartphones Cause Cancer? Are Our Children at Risk?


Dr. Oz: Do Smartphones Cause Cancer?

Dr. Oz talked about whether smartphones are giving our children cancer on his show today.  If you’re confused about whether or not this is a real concern in America today, you’re not alone. Some experts say this isn’t an issue, but others say this could be the tobacco and asbestos of our future. To gain some clarity, Dr. Oz spoke to Dr. Lisa Thornton, a pediatrician, who believes this is a huge issue for children.



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    Thank you Dr. Oz and Thanks to the CTIA for pulling the video link and showing that they really run the FCC, the \Government\ and the Media. The men in the 4 Trillion dollar suits are having trouble suppressing the science. for more information / http://www.wirelesswatchblog.org

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