Dr Oz: Dr Laura Berman Chemotherapy Hair Loss & Cancer Life Changes


Dr Oz: Dr. Laura Berman Inflammation Causes Disease

Dr. Laura Berman talked with Dr. Oz about her recent diagnosis of breast cancer, including her initial reaction to the diagnosis and the decision she wrestled with regarding whether or not to have a double mastectomy. Read on to see what happened next that stunned her even more than her first diagnosis.

Dr Oz: Breast Cancer Follow-Up Shocker

Dr. Laura Berman told Dr. Oz that after she had a mastectomy and breast reconstruction following her breast cancer, she felt relieved to be able to move on with her life cancer-free. As is typically the case, she had a follow-up exam to be sure everything was okay, but the news she heard was possibly even more shocking than her initial breast cancer diagnosis.


  1. Linda Sanchez says

    Hello Dr Oz,
    I was recently told you have a reciepe to share that help you prevent hair loss during chemo

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