Dr Oz: Drink Goat Milk & Red Wine To Live Longer & Blue Zones Review


Dr Oz: Goat Milk Increases Longevity

Have you ever heard of Blue Zones? They are the areas of the world where people are living longer than others and there is even one in the United States. Dr. Oz and his guest, Dan Beuttner, shared some of the secrets to defying age in these areas of the world. Find out how you can live longer, too!

Dr Oz: What Are Blue Zones?

Explorer Dan Beuttner traveled the world to areas known as Blue Zones. These are defined as areas where people are living longer than anyone else in the world. They are geographically and demographically defined as Blue Zones because people in these places are living an average of eight – 10 years longer than we are and they are avoiding diseases like heart disease and cancer.


  1. Georgia Dadas says

    The yogurt made from goats milk is also very delicious and nutritious! I remember this on visiting there as a child.
    My Aunt also made homemade cheese called mizithra from goats milk as well!

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