Dr Oz: Greg Caton’s HerbHealers.com Scam Alert & Criminal Charges


Dr Oz: Greg Caton’s The Biggest Seller of Black Salve

Black salve is the dangerous product being sold online to those hoping for an at-home cancer cure. The product has left many patients with gaping holes and wounds in their skin. One of the biggest sellers of the product is Greg Caton, who runs a website called HerbHealers.com. The FDA conducted an investigation on him and in 2004 he was arrested and put in jail for 33 months. Caton then became an INTERPOL international fugitive but was still able to operate his business, Herb Healers, selling black salve to citizens in the U.S.  Wait until you see what he told Dr. Oz on the next page…


  1. Lucas says

    I know Greg very well. He wasn’t bragging that he was one of the most wanted men. He says it in a way to convey how incredible it is that the government considers medical “rebels” like him equal to terrorists that kill innocent people. The worse damage that can happen with black salve is that it leaves a hole where the tumor was. How is that any different than a surgeon cutting the tumor out? Same thing but his method is much less costly. And yet the surgeon is praised and Greg condemned. Yes Greg gives out “medical advice” that isn’t FDA approved. The U.S. constitution never gave the government the right to only allow one type of medical system to be offered to the public. The FDA is the true criminal opposing those who want to help people exert their constitutional right to select the type of medical system they want to use. How is it that the FDA calls black salve a fake “cancer cure” when Gregs web site never says it cures cancer? It can kill a tumor but cancer is not a tumor but rather the imbalance in the body that allows tumors to start and grow. Dr OZ is part of the fake medical system continually pulling the curtain so we don’t see the truth. POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

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