Dr Oz: Heart Attack Warning Signs in Women + Ovarian Cancer Symptoms


Dr Oz: Shortness of Breath is #1 Heart Attack Warning Sign for Women

Dr. Oz has done nearly 800 shows and he says the ones you want to see the most are those that provide ways to spot the signs of the diseases you fear most. One of the biggest is Ovarian Cancer and while some call it a silent killer, Dr. Oz says it actually whispers warning signs if you know what to listen for.

Dr Oz: Ovarian Cancer Symptoms

Dr. Oz says if you listen close enough and pay attention to the symptoms of certain diseases, it could literally save your life, even the case of Ovarian Cancer. One viewer shared how she watched a show Dr. Oz did where he revealed the warning signs of Ovarian Cancer and she realized she had every one of them, but when she went to her doctor they thought she was crazy. She says it was several weeks later when she had a pelvic ultrasound that a tumor was found on one of her ovaries and today as she sits on Dr. Oz’s stage she is happy to report that she is cancer-free.

Dr Oz: Ovarian Cancer Warning Signs

Dr Oz: Heart Attack Warning Signs in Women + Ovarian Cancer Symptoms

Dr Oz says if you know the signs of Ovarian Cancer you can literally save your life before this silent killer has a chance to spread.


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