Dr Oz: HPV Causes Cervical Cancer Risk for Women in 30s & 40s

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Dr Oz: HPV Causes Cervical Cancer Risk for Women in 30s & 40s

By on October 11, 2012

Dr Oz: New Face of HPV – Women 30 & Over

Going to your routine gynecological exams and getting a clear test result may not be enough to ensure your health. Dr Oz said 80% of adults will contract HPV before age 50, and it’s time for a wake-up call about how this could lead to cancer.

Most of us don’t really know much about HPV. It infects up to 20 million Americans. It’s spread can’t be prevented by condoms, and an estimated 6 million new infections occur each year.

Dr Oz: HPV Risk for Women in 30s & 40s

Dr Oz: HPV Causes Cervical Cancer Risk for Women in 30s & 40s

Dr Oz highlighted the connection between HPV and its relation to Cervical Cancer.

Dr Oz said the misperception that HPV only affects young people is dangerous and potentially deadly. In fact, it can be dormant in your body for decades before leading to cervical cancer symptoms. At that point, it could be too late.

HPV can also destroy your reproductive system from the inside out. It’s also believed to be the cause of a rise in anal and oral cancers. Its spread is taking the nation by storm, and that’s not a good thing. Dr Oz received thousands of questions from women of all ages about HPV.

Dr Oz’s audience was filled with women in their 30s and 40s who have HPV. Tameka said her HPV led to Cervical Cancer. She is glad to be alive, but she is now infertile because of this condition. She thinks the word needs to get out so that women will stop dying from this condition.

Doctor Oz: HPV Stigma

Tricia is another Cervical Cancer survivor who wants to break the stigma surrounding HPV. She is a wife and mom who thinks young men and women need to know the truth about HPV so they can face it head on in their own lives.

Judy was yet another cancer survivor. As a former nurse, she knew how to take routine care of her health and was surprised to find out she still got HPV.

Dr Oz: Cervical Cancer Risk from HPV

Sandy told the story of her sister’s Cervical Cancer, which was the result of HPV. Sandy was actually diagnosed seven years before her sister, and the whole family was surprised. It seemed like Sandy felt guilty that the cancer didn’t attack her instead.

Her diagnosis came too late, and she was in stage 4 of Cervical Cancer. Sandy is upset and frustrated that her sister’s HPV wasn’t caught earlier. She sat with Dr Oz to talk about what she’s learned about the connections between HPV and Cervical Cancer.

Dr Oz: Severe Cervical Dysplasia & Cervical Cancer

Sandy said she had “severe cervical dysplasia” on a routine pap exam. She was afraid when she heard she had pre-cancerous cells. Even though Sandy shared the warning with her siblings, her sister failed to follow up. If she’d caught it earlier, her Cervical Cancer could’ve been cured.

But why do we have the cultural impression that HPV is a young women’s problem? Sandy said that people are uncomfortable talking about it. But she is glad Dr Oz and the other women are there to speak up and spread the word to others. She suggested listening to your own body and not always taking your doctor’s word if you feel that something’s wrong.

The loss of her sister has changed Sandy’s life. The 2007 diagnosis came too late, and three months later she died. She repeatedly called her sister’s death “senseless” because “it easily could’ve been prevented.”

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