Dr Oz: HPV Screening Recommendation & Learn How to Prancercise


Dr Oz: What is an Ideal Blood Pressure?

Dr. Oz talked to a woman named Margo who says instead of giving her advice about hair and makeup, her mother Monica is always force feeding her Dr. Oz tips. She says she is sure that Dr. Oz means well, but she is tired of her mother bombarding her with his advice constantly. Dr. Oz asked Monica to make a deal and promise to change just two things from her Mom’s long list of concerns and he will ask Monica to back off, at least a little bit.

Dr Oz: HPV Screening Recommendation

Dr. Oz says all women under the age of 35 need to know their blood pressure because it is the biggest cause of aging. He explained an optimum blood pressure is 115/75, but when he took Margo’s on stage it was 139/103. Dr. Oz recommends she take it again later when she is at home and not feeling so nervous and then have it checked at least once a year after that.

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