Dr Oz: Integrative Medicine, Women Phthalate Warning & Arnica Review

By on December 21, 2012

Dr Oz: Dr Soram Khalsa Integrative Medicine

Dr. Oz talked with the somewhat controversial Dr. Soram Khalsa about integrative medicine and what he believes to be the best way to treat patients. Read on to learn more about what integrative medicine is all about as well as what you could expect if you visit an integrative medicine provider.

Dr Oz: Integrative Medicine Health Spectrum

Dr. Soram Khalsa is on a mission to end your sick days and he believes the key is integrative medicine. He told Dr. Oz that he believes conventional medicine is failing patients because doctors do not have enough time or do not give enough time to patients. He also believes that conventional doctors do not see health as being on a spectrum, which is important to providing the best care for patients. At one end of the spectrum, Dr. Khalsa says we have people with chronic needs and at the other end there is optimal health, but many people are often in the middle in what he calls the “gray zone”, with issues like back pain or digestive problems.

Dr Oz: Dr Soram Khalsa The White General

Dr. Oz says that Dr. Khalsa is often referred to by his staff as the White General, so he asked why this is the case. Dr. Khalsa explained that he believes we are at war with disease, such as cancer, so he takes on a General mentality when it comes to fighting those conditions and helping his patients get healthy.

Dr Oz: What is Integrative Medicine?

Dr Oz: Integrative Medicine, Women Phthalate Warning & Arnica Review

Dr. Soram Khalsa says that the average applies 123 chemicals to her body every day, which puts her at higher risk for developing breast cancer.

Dr. Soram Khalsa explained to Dr. Oz that a visit to his office would initially be the same experience as if you were to visit a “regular” doctor because he would still do the same type of physical exam and go over your medical history. Then he would look at more alternative ways of treating you as a patient depending on your needs, which could involve acupuncture and/or muscle testing.

Dr Oz: What is Applied Kinesiology?

Dr. Oz wanted his audience to have a better understanding of a visit to Dr. Khalsa’s office, so he asked him to describe Applied Kinesiology. Dr. Khalsa explained that it was developed about 40 years ago and is basically a form of bio-feedback. Applied Kinesiology involves testing a muscle and then evaluating an acupuncture point, which gives feedback as to whether that muscle is in balance or out of balance. The acupuncture point is then correlated with an organ or part of an organ. He was clear to say that this is a way to check for imbalance in an organ, but it does not mean there is disease present.

Dr Oz: What are Phytotherapeutics?

Dr. Khalsa explained that phytotherapeutics is just a big word that means herbal medicine. He said he uses a lot of different herbal remedies when treating his patients. Some examples are Royal Maca for women with menstrual problems, Feverfew for migraines, and Ashwuganda (or Ginger) for fatigue syndromes.

Dr Oz: What is Homeopathy?

Dr. Soram Khalsa explained that homeopathy is often very controversial because it is basically the practice of taking herbs and other substances and diluting them down, which most doctors believe leaves nothing to actually treat the patient.

Dr. Khalsa said that while homeopathic treatments are not always meant to physically help a patient they will often change the outside of the patient instead. He shared that a good example of this is Arnica, which is something that Dr. Oz often recommends to his viewers. In the case of Arnica, it works to reduce and eliminate bruising on the body, which is a classic example of homeopathic medicine.

Dr Oz: What is Environmental Medicine?

Dr. Oz expressed that Dr. Soram Khalsa puts a lot of emphasis on environmental medicine, so he asked him to explain it for folks to have a better understanding of how it works. Dr Khalsa explained that over time we build up what is called a total body burden from things like pollutants, pesticides, and heavy metals. Integrative practitioners believe at some point in our lives that total body burden begins to overflow and lead to conditions like Cancer or Autoimmune disorders. He said that things like allergies are another big problem and are increasingly being linked to environmental medicine.

Dr Oz: Dr. Soram Khalsa – Phthalates Warning for Women

Dr. Khalsa explained a simple example of environmental toxins is Phthalates. Phthalates are chemicals found in personal care products. The average woman puts on 9 personal care products every day, from shampoo to make-up and hand cream. Each of those products has an average of 14 chemicals in it, which means the average American women walks out of her home having applied 123 chemicals to her body. Phthalates are increasingly linked to breast cancer, so this is very important for women to consider when purchasing their personal care products.

Dr Oz: Traditional Doctors Need to be “Multi-Lingual”

Dr. Khalsa believes that doctors need to be more multi-lingual, which means they need to think outside of what they are taught in medical school, which is about drugs and surgery. He says that there are many more treatments to complement what traditional doctors are already doing to care for patients, but they just need to embrace them.

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Comments to Dr Oz: Integrative Medicine, Women Phthalate Warning & Arnica Review

  1. Barbara Solomon says:

    I found Dr. Soram very informative, enlightening and would love to see his information and thoughts being published where everyone could make the choice and get the knowledge to decide on the way they will lead their lives and also to find a doctor nearby.

    Thank you for allowing us to see the Dr. on your wonderful show.


  2. I watched todays show with Dr Soram and found his information not only informative but validating my belief in Integrative Medicine. I am not in the medical field however, have been interested in researching alternative options for many years. An uncle who was a pharmacist told me many years ago about his concern with the chemicals in personal care products and the possible link to certain diseases such as cancer. Everyone laughed at him. If he were alive today he would also be educating people as Dr. Soram is doing. I took his advice on the vitamin D for women. Thank you Dr Oz and Dr Soram. I hope you can help me find a Dr close to where I live that can treat me and my family with the knowledge and compassion that you both have. Your show is wonderful and I love how you explain things with the visual aids. Thank you again.
    Sincerely, Carole

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